Comprehensive beef cattle breeding technology

With the improvement of people's living standards and the improvement of dietary structure, beef has gradually become the new favorite of the table, which is inconsistent with the fact that China's beef production accounts for a very low proportion of the total amount of meat. Therefore, fo

Tractor should pay attention to summer cooling

1, cold explosion-proof tires: high temperatures in the summer, tire rubber is easy to aging, severe puncture will occur. Therefore, the tractor should check the tire pressure at any time during the trip and find that the tire is overheated and the air pressure is too high. Stop the vehicle in a c

Astragalus artificial propagation technology

The source of the intima and the source of the selected indicatrix should mainly adopt the artificially cultivated seedlings, and select the fine varieties such as the deep yellow and large brown beetle. The body is required to be healthy, disease-free, injury-free, body-shaped hypertrophy, bright

Application of coding technology in plastic products

The application of marking technology is gradually deepening into every corner, from heavy machinery to small wires, which are inseparable from product identification. This technology is also widely used in plastic packaging containers, plastic film, plastic pipes, wire and cable, plastic parts and

How to grow high-yield virus-free potatoes

First, how to obtain potato virus-free seed potato First, the toxic potato was germinated in the room, disinfected, and then the shoot apical meristem was cut under the aseptic condition of the clean bench and transplanted in a test tube. After about four months, the shoot apex meristem grew into

About China's shrimp farming technology

l, Qingchi harm. After the ponds are built or old ponds are restored, clear ponds and clear ponds must be cleared of silt, algae, and animal predator organisms 20 days before development. The method of clearing the hostile organisms is: ponds that do not accumulate water, drain the pond water afte

Discussion on preparation machinery and GMP requirement…

The GMP for pharmaceutical production quality management, which has been in operation since 1982, has been going through nearly 20 years. During this period, due to the repeated promotion of GMP regulations by the superior authorities, the gap between the traditional production mode and the GMP stan

Drug Additives Promote Pig Weight Gain

The use of suitable pharmaceutical additives and their combination to improve pig production performance is an important measure in pig production. The Jiahu County Animal Husbandry and Aquatic Products Bureau of Hunan Province added the pharmaceutical additives such as fast-acid fertilizer, baiyao

Nuisance Prevention and Control of Pests and Diseases o…

There are two main stages in the prevention and control of pests in the summer, autumn, and jujube fruit pests in the Wuzhou New Agricultural and Forestry Academy: First, young fruit period (the time is about from late June to mid-July) In January and July, it was the season of many kinds of pest

Artificial Breeding Technology

1. The parent chooses to choose the mouth of a red frog. It was originally a wild and fierce fish that spawned naturally in lakes and rivers. As a result of artificial domestication in recent years, more and more artificial breeding has been carried out using lake net enclosures and pond culture. T