The latest survey shows that patients with chronic dise…

Release date: 2010-04-21 A recent survey shows that chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease may increase the risk of cancer. The survey began in early 2008 and lasted two years. It interviewed 350,000 adults in the United States by telephone interview with a s

The key point of bagging apple fertilization technology

1, pay attention to the application of organic fertilizer Soil organic matter content is the main indicator of orchard fertility, and is also the basic condition for the production of high-quality high-grade bagging apples. In some developed countries, the organic matter content in many orchards

Metering pump concept

Now, mature drive mode and fluid delivery end (pump head) materials technology make new metering pumps almost complete any conventional and special media requirements, the working pressure and capacity and meet the most requirements of industrial production. I. Overvi

Very late ripe peach deep autumn beauty honey

Shen Qiuyan Peach is an excellent late-maturing peach line that was selected by fruit tree experts from Guojiadian Town, Laizhou City, Shandong Province, and was selected from the excellent Xiao Guosheng Peach Variety. After nearly 4 years of trial planting, the strain showed the following good tr

Spring shelter cucumber downy mildew

Cucumber downy mildew is a major common disease in greenhouse cucumbers, and it is high in spring from March to May. In prevention and control, we must start from the following aspects: 1. Reduce humidity. Watering should be done on a sunny morning. After pouring, the enclosure should be heated t

Prevention of eggplant wilting to symptomatic remedy

Eggplant wilting may be caused by diseases such as epidemic disease, sclerotinia, stem rot, bacterial wilt, verticillium wilt, root knot nematode disease, and fertilizer damage. The specific diagnosis is as follows: 1, see the distribution of the field. When the damage occurs, the wilting occurs

Pear pod production method

The main raw materials are pears and sugar. Appliances aluminum pot, drying room and so on. The production methods are mature, moderate, thick and dense pear varieties (white pear, pear, etc.). First, the fruit is washed and peeled and placed in a concentration of 1.5 to 2% of salt water. After

Effective measures to increase the reproductive rate of…

First, choose a good variety At present, there are mainly pigs from Changbai, Yorkshire, Duroc, and Pietrain in China. The main pig breeds in Hunan Province include sand ridge, Daweizi, Ningxiang, and Taoyuan pigs. The first generation produced by crosses between different breeds or strains has h

How to plant large flat apricots in arid regions

Daxing apricot is a unique tree species of economic forest in China. It has the characteristics of strong adaptability, early results, long life, and high comprehensive utilization value. 1. Choose high quality seedlings. Selecting high-quality seedlings is the key to the success of the park. Hig

Tamarix cultivation techniques

Willow ash aliased wicker, cotton willow, tamarisk, willow, willow, willow, willow, deciduous perennial shrub. It has a high rate of winding, a thin, long wicker, and a good toughness. It is a good material for preparation. Once planted, multiple receipts. Low cost and high efficiency. The cultiva