Yumiao Tang 10 requirements

The cultivation of fingerlings is a key part of fish farming. Whether or not the safety of fish seedlings can be done is related to the success or failure of fingerling cultivation. Therefore, the following ten requirements must be fulfilled before the fish fry ponds: Strong seedlings and lower pon

Facility Agriculture Light Source ---- Xingyi Sunshine …

Facility agriculture special light source ---- Xingyi sunshine lamp (patent number) "All things grow by the sun." It is scientifically proven that the normal growth and development process of plants is accomplished through photosynthesis, photomorphogenesis reactions, and photoperiod adju

Freshwater shrimp breeding technical points

Green shrimp, also known as river shrimp, scientific name Japanese giant shrimp, is a unique freshwater shrimp of Japan and China. Green prawns are widely used in freshwater lakes, rivers and ponds in China. They have delicate meat, delicious meat, rich nutrition, and high economic value. They are

Preparation for cows before giving birth

First, the preparation of the delivery room According to the date of the pre-production of the cow, the delivery room needs to be cleaned in advance, and then sprayed with 2% caustic soda to disinfect it, and then spread with clean and dry grass. The delivery room should be spacious, about 30 squar

Healthy prawn culture and disease prevention

In the development of the shrimp industry, shrimp disease has caused major economic losses for the majority of shrimp farmers and has become an important factor restricting the further development of the shrimp industry. In particular, there is no effective treatment for viral shrimp diseases. The

Meat Rabbit Variety---New Zealand White Rabbit

New Zealand white rabbits are native to the United States and are well-known meat rabbit breeds in the world. The rabbit was completely white in hair, round and short-shouldered, with thick ears, and erect. Adult male and female rabbits had meat flesh under the jaws, round hips, full muscles in the

XSS40E lawn mower

Cutting Height Cutting Height: 30-40 (3rd) Cutting Width Cutting Width: 400mm Matching Power Mating: 160FL Power: 2.9kw/3600r/min Note With Class Catcher: (attached grass bag) Company Name Shandong Huasheng Agricultural Medicine Corporation Infusion BagsNon-Pvc Iv Bag,Infusion Bag,Iv Infusion Bag

Cucumber simple storage method

The suitable storage temperature of cucumber is 10-13°C and the suitable relative humidity is 30%. Often used cylinder storage method. Put the cleaned cylinder into cool water of 100-200 mm depth, put a wooden frame-stitched "10" shaped wood frame about 70-100 mm above the water surfac

Wintering management of common aquaculture species

After entering the winter, the temperature gradually decreased, and various aquaculture species changed from Wangshi food to Shaoshi, stopping until they entered hibernation. At this time, on the one hand, it is necessary to do a good job in catching up and listing aquatic aquaculture products that

Salvia miltiorrhiza cultivation technology

Salvia miltiorrhiza L. Salvia is a perennial herb root medicinal plant. With blood circulation, menstruation and pain relief, Zhen Shen soothe the nerves, a new health function. Indications irregular menstruation, postpartum siltation, pleural or limb congestion blood, swollen sore and so on. For t