Common forest propagation method - layering propagation

Battening, also known as pressing, is a commonly used tree asexual propagation technique. It is a method of propagating a plant from the parent's buried soil. It can be divided into several types, such as ordinary layering, soil layering, corrugated and high-beading. It also has the same effect

New breeding products - Dutch pig

The Dutch pigs are small in size, smart and flexible, have a gentle temperament, a variety of coat colors, and beautiful patterns of different colors. They are popular among people. They are special economic animals that have a game, ornamental, experimental, health care, and fur. The Dutch pork is

How to Identify and Prevent Jujube Anthracnose

(1) Symptoms: The jujube anthracnose mainly damages the fruit and can also harm the jujube hanging, jujube leaf and jujube head. After the fruit became infected, the coloration was early, and the shoulders of the fruit became pale yellow, with water-stained spots, gradually expanding into irregular