Female pregnancy diagnosis method

After 5 to 7 days after mating, the female rabbit is sent to the original rabbit cage for compounding. The female rabbit is considered pregnant if the female rabbit escapes, refuses to climb over the male rabbit, and buzzes; on the contrary, if the female rabbit receives male rabbit mating, it can

Why did potted tea plants die?

Poorly managed potted camellia at home, it is easy to die, so that flower growers headache. The reasons are mainly caused by two factors, one is poor ventilation in the roots, and the second is the lack of leaf surface humidity. The lack of oxygen in the Camellia root system can lead to difficulty

Large radish spring cultivation

Traditionally, only small radishes, such as radishes, have been planted in the spring. Their single root weight is only 50 to 100 grams, which is less effective. The spring-grown large radish, single root weight 500 to 2000 grams, high yield, good quality, early listing, sales channels, significant

Fertilizer fertilizer double arrow wall, increase produ…

Fertilizer fertilizer double arrow wall, increase production and income increase effect! Traditional fertilizers for planting account for a large part of the crop. However, the long-term abuse of fertilizers has resulted in soil compaction, poor soiling, and even pollution. This has led to a decli

Apple ringworm disease

Apple ringworm disease, also known as rough Pei Bo, water rotten disease rotten fruit Bo, rosy brown rot, verrucous scaly skin, Pei Bo. The main damage stems and fruits, but also damage the leaves. Symptoms The trunk damage is centered on the lenticels, resulting in water-stained, dark-brown spot

Swan Feeding Management

First, the breeding of goslings Just go out of the goslings gossip and domestic goose, the body down due to different varieties of gray or white, can feed on their own, can be nurtured by the geese, but also artificial brooding, feeding with a thermostat. It is usually placed in the room after 2 w

Pepper seedlings prevent disease

Pepper seedlings are susceptible to multiple infections by pathogenic bacteria, resulting in various diseases. There are blight, damping-off, gray mold, sclerotia, and diseases. If we do not prevent and treat it earlier, diseased and weak seedlings will be formed, and the destruction of seedbeds wi

Pingou hybrid fruit hazelnut seedlings

Supply of Pingou hybrid hazelnut seedlings with an annual output value of over ten thousand yuan per acre 1. Cold-resistant large hazelnut seedlings Introduction: This variety can grow into a hazelnut tree about 5 meters high, the tree life is about 50 years, can resist -32 ~ 35 degrees low tempe