Rotary cultivator selects model technology according to…

The rotary cultivator is an implement matched with a tractor, and is divided into two categories according to an auxiliary power: a walking tractor (hereinafter referred to as a hand drag) and a rotary cultivator and a wheel tractor (hereinafter referred to as wheel drag) supporting a rotary culti

Meat pigeon cage technology

At present, the feeding methods of meat pigeons are mostly free-range, stocking and captive. These methods have high costs, poor product quality and low economic benefits. Cage culture, on the other hand, can significantly increase yield and survival rates, and facilitate management, reduce diseas

There are three tricks for sweetening strawberries

There are three tricks strawberry sweetening strawberry is one of the world's fruit, with high economic value. Strawberry fruit is bright, soft and juicy, rich in aroma and rich in nutrition. It is a kind of high-grade nutritious fruit. In recent years, due to soil and cultivation methods, str

Beauty invented stethoscope used under high-decibel noi…

Release date: 2006-12-06 U.S. Invented Stethoscope for High Decibel Noise American researchers have recently developed a new anti-noise stethoscope using ultrasonic technology, which can be used in high-decibel noise environments such as helicopters. According to the American Physical Society

How to increase the milk production of dairy cows

First, science breeding. In order to produce more milk for dairy cows, it must be scientifically reared according to physiological changes and different physiological stages and milk yields of dairy cows. Early lactation: The body is weak within 3 days after delivery and the function of the digest

Winter and spring season to ensure that the sheep drink…

Due to the low temperature in the winter and spring seasons, if the goats are given cold water or even chilled water, the sheep are reluctant to drink, resulting in insufficient water for the sheep. This not only slows down the digestive process of the sheep's feed, impedes metabolism in the b

The principle of pest control of bayberry

The general principle is to implement the plant protection policy of "prevention first, comprehensive prevention and control." Combine plant quarantine, agricultural control, physical control, biological control, and chemical control organically, and carefully grasp the following: (1) Fr

Key points about clean vegetable processing technology

Clean dishes are also called freshly sterilized vegetables. That is to say, a newly-picked vegetable is vacuum-packed in a sterile environment after being processed (such as removing inedible parts, cutting, etc.), washing, and disinfecting. The following is only an example. (A) The product featur

The processing technology of clear water ginkgo (Ginkgo…

(1) Drying: Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) is placed in a drying oven at 70-75°C for 15 to 19 hours. After drying, the ginkgo-soled underwear film and pulp are easily peeled off. The moisture content is about 35% to 38% (shelled). (2) Precooking: boiled for about 8 minutes, precooked and dried in time

Agricultural machinery "winter" how to keep

1. Remove dirt, oil, debris, etc. on the machine. The part to be lubricated by the machine is filled with lubricating oil and the body is painted. Do a good job of preventing rust and corrosion. Can effectively extend the service life of the equipment and avoid unnecessary investment losses. 2. T