21 questions and answers about playing soy milk

Selected beans: 1. What is the optimal ratio of beans and water when soya milk is used? A: According to the dietary guidelines, each person should ingest 30-50 grams of beans every day, remove the amount of tofu he eats each day, and use 10-20 grams of beans to beat the soybean milk. Generally,

How to cook less oil

Jie Zhang, director of the Department of Nutrition of the People's Liberation Army 309 Hospital, said in an interview with a reporter from the "Life Times" that the most important thing for cooking less oil is to pay attention to collocation. Instead of asking for less oil for a sing

Kitchen Tips: Four Methods for Changing Rice

Vinegar steamed rice method: Cooked rice should not be put for a long time, especially in summer, rice is very easy to change. If steamed rice is used, put some vinegar in a ratio of 1.5 kg of rice plus 2-3 ml of vinegar to make the rice easy to store and prevent squatting, and the steamed rice is

Microsoft Kinect sensor plays "cross-border" …

The US technology website PCWorld published an analysis article on Tuesday that Microsoft Kinect's advanced voice and somatosensory recognition technology has stimulated innovation in multiple industries, resulting in the Kinect effect, which is no longer limited to the game indu

Anguo Pharmaceutical City Zao Ren | Chuan Niu Kou | Cit…

Hebei Anguo Pharmaceutical City, December 26, the newsletter, domestic Zaoren, the recent market, large cargo later, the price callback, the market 98 goods price 96 yuan, 95 goods price 87 yuan. Chuan Ake market is stable, and the market is selling at a price of 17 yuan. Cockleshell sma

U.S. FDA approves launch of Takeda's antihypertensi…

According to BioSpectrum's news from Singapore: Takeda Pharmaceutical and its North American subsidiary announced that the US FDA has approved EDIRABYCLOR (azilsartan sartans and chlorthalidone) for reducing blood pressure in adults to treat hypertension. EDARBYCLOR is the only fixed-d

Nevirapine is effective in preventing HIV transmission …

Hoosen Coovadia, of the University of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, recently published a paper in The Lancet, claiming that the anti-HIV drug Nevirapine is effective in preventing breast-feeding mother-to-child transmission of AIDS. Late administration of the infant at 6 months after birth

Grape buried in cold weather

1 Before spraying, protect the tree and insulate the whole tree from heat and freeze. Be sure to pay attention to the distance between the grapevines. Take separate soil cover for places where the spacing is closer, avoid damaging the roots while digging the soil, and reduce the cold resistance of

Frost resistance technical measures for flower seedling…

The anti-frozen and disaster-relief technical measures of flowers and seedlings---In order to effectively reduce the losses caused to the flowers and seedlings by disasters, in recent days, the provincial flower nursery stock experts proposed antifreeze disaster relief technical measures. Insulati

The role of liquid seasoning

Soy sauce: Makes dishes tasty, but also increases the color of the food. It is suitable for braising and making mei. Emu oil: Oyster oil itself is very salty, and it can slightly neutralize its salty taste. Salad oil: A common cooking oil can also be used to cook pastries. Sesame oil (sesame oi