Summer alert to breeding pond blue-green algae "bl…

With the gradual increase of the high-yield level of intensive culture in Tanggu Aquaculture, the input to fertilizers and feeds for aquaculture waters has also increased accordingly. During the summer high temperature season, especially for aquaculture waters with strong alkalinity (PH8~9.5) and h

Late sweet corn cultivation measures

In recent years, as people's eating habits have changed, people's demand for sweet corn has continued to increase. Therefore, the production of sweet corn is a major opportunity to adjust the agricultural structure and increase economic efficiency. Now we will make a summary of the producti

Scientifically Controlling Jasmine Pests

At present, jasmine infestation is heavy, which is characterized by shrinking and deformed young leaf shoots, gaps in flower buds, and biting of flowers. Farmers have entered a misunderstanding in their prevention and control, and they have no choice of timing and methods to spray pesticides indisc

There are new ways to increase chicken efficiency

1. The hunger method. Within one month before the laying period of hens, the first week, gradually reduce the feeding amount to less than 20% of the normal food intake, and mainly feed water. After one month, gradually increase the feed to egg production within one week. The normal food intake of c

Greenhouse vegetables are planted in four seasons

Watermelon - summer cabbage - spinach selection of "disease Su Mi", "Fengle 1", "Black Beauty" and other fine varieties of watermelon, the end of January to early February using nutrition plus hotline nursery, planting in early March, greenhouses The inner shed and the

Raising rabbits in summer six points

First, do a good job in environmental health. The cage should be cleaned frequently, insist on cleaning the trough and sink once a day, remove the feces every day, excrete the feces and ferment, regularly clean the rabbithouses, cages and utensils, stick to the rodents, kill mosquitoes and eliminat

Introduction and Cultivation Techniques of August Pear

1. Characteristics of the varieties 1.1 Dwarf trees, thick branches, short internodes, thick and dark green leaves. Strong budding, moderate branching power. After the branches are leveled or the result is easy to form short fruit branches. 1.2 Flowering is easy to colonize New shoots of the year c

There are new tricks in earth culture

Hibernation is the habit of many animals, and so is earthen. For artificially cultivated earth elements, the hibernation period not only affects its normal growth, but also may cause large-scale deaths, thereby becoming a major bottleneck for the benefit of bounding earth element culture. The villa

Feeding cows can not be less hay

Hay refers to the timely harvesting of wild grasses or artificial cultivated grasses that have been dried on the ground, dried by straw, or mechanically dried. It is characterized by green and blue color, rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins, and has good palatability. Compared with succulent fe

Early-maturing and High-yielding Cultivation Techniques…

Potatoes are one of the important winter crops in our city. In recent years, early-maturing and high-yielding cultivation techniques such as mulching films have been applied to greatly increase the yield and benefits. The main cultivation techniques are as follows: 1. Select high-quality, early-mat