Prevention and remedy of fruit tree damage

In recent years, many orchards often suffer from fertilizer damage after applying chemical fertilizers, and young victims can grow new leaves. However, the tree vigor is seriously debilitated and growth is weak, resulting in minimal growth throughout the year. When the damage is severe, dry branch

Selection and proper use of corn silage harvester

With the development of animal husbandry in our province and the implementation of the “main and auxiliary transposition” policy for agriculture and animal husbandry, the development of silage corn will increasingly attract more attention. The problems of silage corn production and har

How to prevent lotus leaf rot after heavy rain

In recent days, we have seen several successive heavy rains here. Many of the rains have flown into the lotus ponds. Within a week after the rain, the leaves of the lotus leaf appeared yellow and rot. This rot started from the young leaves, and later the bigger leaves were also infected. In additi

The old kind of choice

High fertility breeding and public breeding began early, temperament is mild, sexual desire is strong, mating power is strong (more than 4 mating females, more than 8 times), semen quality is excellent. The mother-in-law has more childbirths (more than 3 in 1 year old and more than 5 in 2 years ol

What do gardenia parasites pollinate

A letter from a reader of Shen Miaosheng, Jining City, Shandong Province asked: I have a pot of gardenia that has been conserved for many years, and it is growing gratifyingly. However, when I returned home a few days later, I found that many flower buds had shrivelled and died and found a lot of

Muscovy Duck and Its Feeding Management

Muscovy duck, also known as red-faced duck, horned duck, duck, musk duck, belongs to the genus of the duck family. Originated from the tropical regions of South America and Central America, it is the only domesticated duck species that retains nesting. Great progress has been made in many countrie

Ten species of pesticides are avoided in fruit trees

(1) Phosphamidase: Peach tree hanged; (2) Methyl dichloride: all kinds of fruit trees are hanged; (3) dichlorvos: stone fruit trees are prohibited; (4) dimethoate, omethoate: peach, pear are sensitive to liquid dilution less than 1500 times , Before use, make a test to determine the safe use of con

Why corn seedlings fight after fertilization

Why do corn crops with urea? What role does irrigation and cultivator play? It turned out that the emergence of smashing corn seedlings is to make urea decomposition of ammonia gas smoked. Because the maize seedlings are young and the young leaves are close to the ground, while the amount of urea

Cotton fight drugs to pay attention to what parts?

Practice has proved that cotton must be high-yield and management is the key. In the growth and management of cotton, spraying is an important part of management. Cotton pests often occur: there are locusts, red spiders, blind stink bugs, red bollworms, cotton bollworms, diamond drills and so on. T

Clever use of spices and pests

Pepper, take 1 pepper, add 3 parts of water for 20 to 30 minutes, add 10 times of water after filtration to prevent aphids, leafhoppers, whitefly, scale insect, codling moth and so on. The chili peppers are crushed and added with water 10 times, filtered and sprayed to prevent insects such as aphi