Ministry of Agriculture: The 27th Vegetable Basket Whol…

According to the monitoring of the Ministry of Agriculture of China, the National Agricultural Wholesale Price Index was 191.35 on July 27, which was 0.22 points higher than yesterday. The wholesale price index of "vegetable baskets" was 191.56, which was 0.26 points higher than

Gold Willow Willow Planting Essentials

Jinsi Weeping Willow is a new type of environmental protection tree species, with no flying hair, large annual growth, short nursery cycle, no trunk knots and other characteristics. In autumn, the shoots and trunks gradually turn yellow, and the whole body is yellow in winter. It has a well-develop

Optimistic about the future development recommendation …

Investment points The machinery industry grew by 20%-25% in 2011. The domestic economy has experienced the ups and downs of 2008. After the rise in 2009 and the stability in 2010, as the inflation level approaches its peak, the future economic policy will tend to be neutral, and the external economi

Prevention of Hypoxia in Broilers in Winter

The air in the house is enhanced and the chicken grows quickly and well. Since chickens breathe twice as much gas as mammals, they need more oxygen. Only by strengthening the ventilation of chicken houses can the chickens have enough fresh air. Usually 2 to 3 hours ventilation once every 20 to 30 m

Haikou Garlic prices drop nearly 30%

Recently, the Hainan Haikou market has maintained a high price of garlic has finally shown a downward trend, from the original 7 yuan per catty dropped to 5 yuan, a decline of nearly 30%. Garlic wholesalers said that with the arrival of large quantities of new garlic in the main producing

China's disposable syringe exports will be larger t…

China is a big producer of disposable syringes. Products not only meet the needs of the domestic market, but also are exported to foreign countries. China Medical Insurance Association according to customs statistics, from 2006 to 2010, the annual export volume of disposable syringes in Ch

Occurrence characteristics and control techniques of ap…

Apple powdery mildew is one of the common diseases of apple trees and one of the more difficult diseases to control in apple. In addition to harming apples, the disease also harms pear trees. The average disease-infected strain rate in general years is 60%, and in severe years, the incidence rate i

The compound annual growth rate of China's pharmace…

In the past year, the business community reported that continuous changes in the global market have had a lasting impact on the global pharmaceutical market. The developed markets in Europe and the United States have contributed to the growth of global pharmaceutical growth, while the phar

Seven months to keep a good rabbit in winter

1. Keep warm and warm. The window should be equipped with glass or nailed with a film, and a straw or cotton curtain should be hung on the door to prevent the cold wind from invading the rabbit house, so that the temperature inside the house should be maintained at 5 °C ~ 10 °C; properly incr

Three points of skillful application of urea

One is suitable for top dressing. Urea is a neutral fertilizer, less damage to crop leaves, but also easy to dissolve in water, strong diffusion, easy to be absorbed by the leaves, after entering the leaves is not easy to cause the phenomenon of plasmolysis, it is very suitable for extra-root fert