Pre-flowering management of apple trees

Pre-flower management of apple trees should pay attention to the following items: The key to pest control Early spring is a critical period for the prevention and control of apple pests and diseases. The first step is to scrape bark rot lesions, ring vein lesions and old cracks, clean up the orc

Midwifery midwifery work

In the final stage of hatching, artificially shelled midwifery can be performed for the weak young chicks that are already shelled but unable to hatch. Normally, chicken embryos that are normal in development and have a more favorable fetal position are more concentrated in hatching, and there is

Papaya lily soup tonic lungs

Soups made with papaya are suitable for drinking all year round, but they are more effective in the springtime. Introduce today the papaya lily soup, with spleen and stomach, tonic lungs and other effects, but also suitable for maternal, regular smoking or dry mouth drinkers. 3 to 4 people practi

The rum, "Vocal", why is the traditional show…

On March 23rd, when Chengdu was warmed up, Rongcheng City ushered in the 86th National Sugar and Wine Trade Fair. An "old society", a trade fair that has been running for 57 years in a row, is still buzzing inside and outside the pavilion. Why is this old tree more and more viabl

Pig food plus seasoning fertilizer effect

For umami seasoning such as feeding pigs with wet mix, adding 300ppm MSG to the pig's diet can increase the daily gain by 5%-8%; feeding the pig with the residue left over from MSG can increase the daily gain. More than 4.5%, economic benefits have improved significantly. There are many kinds

How to differentiate the MCU under the common architect…

Although there are many models of MCUs on the market, they mainly focus on ARM architecture, MIPS architecture and proprietary architecture. They currently have their own unique selling points and markets. ARM has gradually occupied the market in mobile phones, portable devices and h

Anemia eat less coarse grains should pay attention to t…

Many people think that coarse grains are highly nutritious, and many people with poor health are also willing to eat more. In fact, not everyone is suitable for eating coarse grains, especially anemic people. why? First, anemic people cannot eat too much dietary fiber. If you eat more than 50 gra

Summer egg chicken shears well

In the summer, the laying hens are sheared and, in addition to the prevention of heatstroke, the laying hens are not allowed to rest. The specific approach is: After summer, cut the wings of the laying hens, the thorax and abdomen, the back and the neck, leaving only the long hairs of the tails a

Boiled beef with vegetarian nutrition

The variety of foods in this dish can make nutrient intake more even (select as many food varieties as possible, preferably 5 vegetables per day (half dark vegetables), 2 kinds of fruits, 1 egg, 1 bag of milk , 1 serving of meat, and whole grains of more than 20 kinds of food, so that can get adeq

These fruit vegetables can prevent breast cancer

The Singapore Cancer Research Center recently discovered that phytochemicals extracted from some common vegetables and fruits can prevent and treat early breast cancer. At present, researchers have identified at least two phytochemicals that can prevent and treat breast cancer. They are the flavon