Let's fertilize vegetables to "six look"

A look at the types of fertilization beans rhizobium nitrogen fixed nutrients, the need for less nitrogen, the need for more phosphorus; root vegetables, yams need more potassium; leafy vegetables only need more nitrogen fertilizer; fruits and vegetables in the application Based on nitrogen fertili

What should we pay attention to when cooling a motor ve…

First, avoid opening the lid and add water immediately. After the water in the radiator boils, there is a certain amount of pressure inside. If the radiator inlet is opened immediately, hot water will be sprayed to burn people. Second, avoid boiled immediately after the flame. The reason why the en

Western Pharmaceutical's import statistics accordin…

No. Nature of business Import quantity Number of imports Import amount Imported year-on-year total 7364312 7.49 170478.34 64.46 1 State-owned enterprises 905098 19.29 18984.5 -2.96 2 Foreign-funded enterprises 4266951 31.17 118104.3 81.63 Sino-foreign cooperative ent

How high is the current cucumber?

The current growth of cucumber pods is faster, coupled with a small temperature difference, the plant's stems and leaves grow faster. Some shanty households are afraid that they are desperate to get out of trouble, so they will fall too low (about 1.3 meters) at a time. Originally, they will ha

Summer duck feeding management

Care must be taken during brooding 1. Brooding temperature: The suitable temperature for one-week-old brooding is 33-35°C, and thereafter it drops 2-3°C every week until it reaches natural temperature. The key is to “see the ducks to apply the temperature”: When the temperature i

Causes of mango cracking

The first is the light intensity, where the crown light is strong, the average cracking rate is 0.6%, and the poor light is 0.95%; The second is uneven distribution of water, and it is prone to cracking after heavy rain. The third is during the fruit growth period, especially after fruit enlargem

Get rid of the bitter taste of cucumber

Cucumber produces bitterness is a kind of physiological disease, mainly due to excessive accumulation of bittersin melon, it can cause people to produce vomiting, diarrhea, sputum and other symptoms of poisoning. Removing the bitter taste of cucumber has the following tips: 1. Selecting good disea

French wheat production will suffer from drought

World Financial News France's Minister of Agriculture said that severe drought in France has seriously affected the country’s wheat production and will further increase global wheat prices. Comprehensive media May 31 news, the French Agriculture Minister Bruno LeMaire (BrunoLeM

Relationship between climate conditions and fertilizati…

Climate conditions such as temperature, light, precipitation, etc. are closely related to fertilization. These factors not only directly affect the absorption and assimilation of nutrients by crops, but also affect the transformation and preservation of nutrients in soil. 1. In the year and region

Agricultural machinery, life-extending and conservation…

Make preparations before your job 1. Make a small job plan. 2. Debugging equipment. Inspect equipment state comprehensively, install and adjust according to agricultural technical requirements and technical requirements of the engine, such as the entire plant spacing of the regulators, and so on, a