Why does the effect of sweet potato as a fodder increas…

Why does the effect of sweet potato as a fodder increase after fermentation? First, sweet potato as feed fermentation and fermentation are not the same: In the harvest season of sweet potatoes, the traditional direct feeding method of sweet potatoes has greatly reduced the utilization rate and e

The main pest control technology of coffee

There are many diseases and pests in coffee, and prevention and control must implement the plant protection policy of “prevention-based, comprehensive prevention and control”. The prevention and control methods are mainly to improve the environmental conditions and enhance the resistanc

Nectarine fertilizer production increase measures

First, increase the mechanism of action. Biogas fertilizer is the residue of biogas fermentation and is recognized as a good quality fertilizer. In addition to abundant nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, it also contains trace elements such as boron, copper, iron, manganese, calcium, and zinc th

Rapeseed field symbiotic paclobutrazol

Paclobutrazol is a plant growth regulator that is inexpensive to use. The application of paclobutrazol in rapeseed fields can have a multiplier effect. Seedlings applied paclobutrazol for drought resistance. After entering the winter, there is little rainfall, and in the early winter, due to high

The Comprehensive Utilization and Prospect of Roses

The rose is a perennial evergreen or deciduous shrub of the rose family Rosaceae. The rose buds are tender, moist, warm, and bitter. Roses have a long history of cultivation in China and are currently planted all over the country. Among them are Gansu, Beijing, Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Sich

The biogas fertilizer has high ginger production

In addition to the fine soil preparation, selection of ginger seeds, and timely sowing of the ginger, the following points should be made: Apply base fertilizer. Apply 3000-5000 kg of residue per mu. Timely top dressing. Ginger growth period generally has 3 top dressings. The first time the seed

Automatic high speed self-adhesive labeling machine

a brief introdction: Shanghai automatic labeling machine, automatic sticker labeling machine, automatic labeling machine is mainly used for self-adhesive sticker attached on a variety of cylindrical shapes and a variety of bottles, the machine can automatically complete feeding bottle , the standa

Application of garlic (sugar) in the prevention and tre…

Garlic (sugar) is a non-polluting green drug-type feed additive. It has been widely used in aquaculture for improving feed palatability, promoting appetite, stomach sterilization, insect repellent health, and promoting growth. First, the main function of allicin Allicin has a broad-spectrum anti

Raising meat and chickens should not "greedy"…

In recent years, white chickens have gradually become rare in the broiler retail market in our province, and there are many brown feathers, feather feathers, black feathers, red feathers, and yellow feather chickens. According to sources in the industry, the parents of the brown cock Anak parents