YTJ-180 Fish Pond Automatic Feeding Machine

The machine is mainly composed of rack components, electronic control systems, and material ejection devices. It is suitable for the feeding of fish and shrimp feeds such as extruded materials, hard pellets and soft pellets, and can adjust the feeding amount according to the size and density of the

High temperature damages cucumbers in summer

After being damaged by high temperature, cucumber plants showed stem elongation, cotyledon and true leaves were thin and thin at the seedling stage, and the leaves were light green and long-cropped. In the mid-term, the thin leaves and internodes were thin or the leaves were enlarged and soft. The

Non-polluting formula fertilization for corn, soybean, …

One, corn 1, a reasonable ratio: N: P2O5: K2O = 1: 0.53: 0.41 2. Principle of fertilization: Apply basic fertilizer, light seedling fertilizer, reaming joint and panicle fertilizer, and skillfully apply granular fertilizer. 3. Base fertilizer: 2000-3000 kg organic fertilizer, all phosphate ferti

Freshwater fish fillet processing technology

1, choose the material to open the piece. More than 1 kilogram of live or frozen salmon, trout, grass carp, or trout are available. Scrape the scales first, go to the internal organs, go to the head and wash the bloody black film. Cut open the pectoral fins, usually by the head and shoulder knife u

Commercial meat geese breeding

Wild geese that are younger than one month old before they enter the breeding season are young geese. Young geese have a high intake and strong resistance, and they are the fastest growing stage. At this stage, grazing can be conducted throughout the day, and appropriate supplements can be added to

Turbot artificial breeding technology

Scophthalmus maxinus is a genus Polygonaceae, and it is naturally distributed on the northern coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The North Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea are all distributed. The turbot body is flat and approximately circular with its eyes on the left side of

"Flower protein" tells the arrival of plants …

As soon as spring blooms, the scientists have found through research that the signalling principle of the arrival of plants in spring after the winter. According to an article published in the latest issue of Science magazine, a protein in plants can respond to light, triggering a series of actions

High-yielding Breeding Techniques for Broilers

Wuji chicken is a rare chicken species unique to China and has high food and medicinal value. At present, domestic and foreign markets have a large demand for meat and mutton chickens, and the aquaculture efficiency is high. There are broad prospects for the development of meat-bearing black-bone c

Foreign fish farming six new tricks

Music fish farming Many Japanese fish farms let fish listen to music to promote the growth of fish. After the hatching of the eggs, each time a juvenile feed is fed, a kind of music is played so that the juveniles develop the habit of eating meat and eating at the eating place. After the seedlings

Corn brown spot control

Maize brown spot disease is a new corn disease discovered in recent years. It occurs in all the corn producing areas in the country, among which there are heavy damages in Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Anhui and Jiangsu. Warm and humid areas occur more often, and in some years, they suddenly become popul