How to fry fish nonstick?

1, if it is fresh fish, do not remove scales, wash the fish, dry to the water, heat and fry. If kippers are fried, they should be weighed and washed. 2, after the pan is hot, pour some cold oil and pour the pot, immediately pour it out, then pour cold oil into the cold oil and fry slowly. 3. Dip

The hawkers buy milk cans at high prices and don't …

“Is there an empty baby milk jar in your home? I am recovering at a high price.” Recently, Ms. Wu encountered a hawker collecting waste products on his own initiative. However, the hawker said that the use of milk cans was not emptied. Ms. Wu was concerned that the milk cans co

Rapeseed cake fermentation substitutes soybean meal for…

Guangxi White City is located in western Guangxi, where local soybean meal resources are scarce, and corn accounts for 60% of pig feed ingredients. The proportion of soybean meal in feed is about 20-25%, and the proportion of nutrition is very large, which should not be ignored. Soybean meal is ex

"One soup and two teas" help you to improve f…

Improve fatty liver, can be combined with herbal diet, tea health care. There are many unilateral blood lipids, blood pressure and other effects, but also some help for fatty liver, and high security, such as raw Hawthorn, Salvia, etc. can be nursed back to health. The single-flavored medicine is

The moist diet ingeniously drives away the baby "Q…

After a hot summer, the baby can finally breathe cool air. However, as the temperature in autumn falls, the humidity decreases, and the moisture in the air decreases, gradually becoming dry. Affected by "Qiuzao," the baby will often experience symptoms of Qiuzao, such as the fire, consti

10 foods that fall baby should eat

In autumn, there are a large number of fresh fruits and vegetables on the market. Seasonal fruits and vegetables not only have high nutritional value, but many can also help the body to counteract some of the adverse effects of seasonal changes. It is beneficial for babies to eat these fruits and

Dry Sausage Fermenting Bed Improves Herd Immunity

Pigs are afraid that pigs are sick. Serious diseases can cause pigs to die and directly cause economic losses. Mild and controllable diseases can affect the pig's production capacity, resulting in the waste of feed and human resources, and the loss of breeding benefits. Nowadays, many farms te

5 Therapeutics Completely Solve the Fall Fire

During the “flame” period, should not eat spicy foods should pay attention to maintaining oral hygiene, often gargle, drink plenty of water, and under the guidance of a doctor to take "clear fire" drugs. If the symptoms of “overheating” are obvious, there has been

The radish digging heart yield is high

The radish dug heart is a new technology to increase production, dug the heart can inhibit the growth of radish leaves, so that nutrition is concentrated in the root of the meat, increase the individual weight of radish, thereby increasing production and income. The specific approach is: In Octob

Autumn Spleen and Stomach eat these vegetables

In contrast to the prevention of “dryness” in the previous period, it is better to eat more sweet and sour foods such as grape (grape), kiwi, grapefruit and other sweet and sour fruits (fruits) or seasoned with vinegar. Glycine is used to nourish yin. But should not eat sweet desserts,