Silage method for feed crops

1. The benefits of silage: (1) Silage is an economic and safe measure for preserving succulent feeds. It uses silage methods, has long storage time, and is not subject to seasonal restrictions. (2) The various nutrients of forage grass can be well preserved. The forage is stored by air-drying and d

Anti-cancer tomatoes

Scientists in the United States have succeeded in cultivating a tomato with a large amount of anti-cancer substances, which has brought new hope for the effective prevention of cancer by humans. It is reported that researchers at Purdue University in Indiana, USA, originally hoped to cultivate a hi

Bt Gene Resistant Rape Lines

In order to solve the problem of pests in rapeseed, a major oil crop in China, to increase rapeseed yield, reduce the use of pesticides, and protect the ecological environment, the research team led by Professor Chunyun Guan has adopted genetic engineering technology to transfer Bt toxin genes afte

Honeydew melon preservation method

1. After harvesting the honeydew melon has ripening effect, the late-maturing varieties that are resistant to Tibetan should be selected as the claws for storage. Usually should control the amount of irrigation, early water can improve the storage of melon. Harvested 6-8 days before the normal harv

Store chestnuts against decay

Chestnut is afraid of dryness, water scarcity, heat intolerance, and fear of freezing. In many cases it is prone to mildew. The main reasons are: 1. Chestnut immature Chinese chestnuts are often used in the method of landing. Because the mature chestnut trees are not matured, even the same tree has

Bean storage technology

1. Varieties and pre-storage treatment For preservation of beans, it is better to use medium and late ripening beans. After the bean is harvested, it is necessary to eliminate infestations, diseases, cuts, over tenders, and overages that do not meet the standards, and place the beans in a ventilate

3WZK-15 Frame Sprayer

First, the scope of application 3WZK-15 frame sprayer is widely used in pest control of municipal, garden, green belt, lawn, nursery, scaffolding crops, greenhouses, fruit trees and fruit trees; armed forces field, training grounds, camping quarters, floods, earthquake disaster areas Sanitary and

Yanmar EF200 series tractor

Model EF227HEF230HEF235HEF233M Size Overall Length mm2950 Overall Width mm1315 (1235 with 9.5-22 tires) 1235 Total Height ROPSmm2390 (2435 with 9.5-22 tires) 2435 Cab mm2000 (2035 with 9.5-22 tires) N/A Tread Mm990 (970 ribbed tire 9.5-22) after 1000 mm1000 (1005 ribbed tire 9.5-22) 1005 front and

Jiangsu-720 Tractor

Model Jiangsu-720 Drive Type Two Wheel Drive Dimensions Length 3480 Width 1830 Height 1670 Wheelbase 2015 Wheelset Front Wheel 1300 Common Rear Wheels 1450 Common Ground Clearance 390 Structure Quality 2130 Engine Model YZ4108T (D51-101 with Air Pump D51-102 Type In-Line, Water-Cooled, Four-Stroke

Huiyou HY700 four-wheel tractor

Machine parameters Model HY700 Type 2 Wheel Drive Dimensions LWH(mm)389018282400 Track Wheels 1420-1620 Rear Wheels 1450 Wheelbase (mm) 2060 Ground Clearance (mm) 477/500 Tire Front Wheels 6.50-20 Rear wheel 14.9-28/14.9-30 Structural mass (kg) 2230/2280 Theoretical speed (km/h) Forward speed 1.