How to store corn seeds in summer

1, early drying, take care of precipitation. The best drying time for seeds is from the beginning of March to the end of April. If the seed stock is too large, it can be aired in advance according to the weather temperature. During the drying time, moisture does not reach the storage standard and

Valmet Tractor Failure Analysis Considerations

In recent years, the Agricultural Fourth Division has used the Finnish Government’s interest-free loan to purchase a batch of 8950 tractors from Finland's Valmet 8950 and 8550. Some problems with the use of partial Valmet tractors. Machine operators should pay attention to the following

Strawberry virus seedling summer breeding management

The use of virus-free strawberry seedlings in production currently overcomes the virus accumulation caused by long-term vegetative propagation of strawberries, effectively reducing the spread and harm of viral diseases. However, strawberries are cool and not hot and drought-resistant. If the summer

Hand tractor clutch repair method

1. The locomotive is parked for a long period of time. The clutch is not used for a long period of time, and it is rusted and wet, causing the clutch to be separated completely. At this time, the clutch should be disassembled to remove rust spots. 2. The clutch shaft head nut locking plate is lock

Scientific purchase of piglets

Scientifically purchasing Miao pigs is the basis for raising pigs. To buy healthy and long-lasting Miao Pigs, experienced old farmers have “12 Looks” and “6 Don't Buy”. A look at the mouth shape. The mouth is short and the group is large and full, and the mouth is deep

How to prevent the temperature of open-air vegetables

During the high temperature period in summer, open-air cultivation of vegetables is seriously affected by high temperature. Shelter vegetables can be covered with shade nets to achieve the purpose of shade and temperature reduction. In addition to the selection of heat-resistant varieties, outdoor

Summer meat sheep have excellent animal husbandry and g…

In summer, the feed is abundant, and it is necessary to grasp the opportunity for the sheep and sheep to lay the foundation for the fall and winter seasons. However, hot weather in summer can easily cause sheep to suffer heat stroke or cause other diseases. Therefore, farmers need to prepare in ad

Four measures to save pigs and reduce consumption

First, touch the pulse of the market, improve the ability to respond to pig farmers must master the market dynamics and live pig market, adjust marketing strategies in accordance with changes in the market, scientifically determine the scale of feeding, continuously improve the ability to respond

Measures to increase the conception rate of dairy cows

At present, dairy cattle breeding generally uses frozen semen for artificial insemination. The use of artificial insemination in China began in the 1950s. Artificial insemination has changed the mating mode of cows, reduced the libido of cows, made the estrus symptoms of cows inconspicuous, increa

How to maintain the combine harvester

Harvesters are used seasonally and have long idle times. To maintain a good technical state of the harvester and effectively extend its useful life, high-quality maintenance during the idle period is very important. â–² When the harvester is idle, dust, straw, seed meal, and other debris shoul