Application of reel sprinkler in field crops

In China, farmland irrigation water accounts for 70% to 80% of the total water use, while field crops (wheat, corn, sweet potatoes, etc.) consume 50% to 60% of farmland irrigation water, so the key to agricultural water saving should be Put on field crops. At present, irrigation methods for field c

Mountain fish farming

Qingshui fish (grass carp, squid, squid, etc.) is a kind of aquatic product with unique flavor and quality, which is produced by using pure, natural green plants as the feed in the natural environment of mountainous areas, using clear, perennial springs and streams. Qingshui fish is favored by peop

Emergency Treatment of Engine Water Pump Leakage

1. Causes of leaking water pump (1) When installing the water pump, the water seal seat ring assembly is not installed in place, causing the water pump to continue leaking. Since the pump shaft corresponding to the inspection hole has a retaining (sweeping) water ring, when the water seal leaks, th

Wheat Soil Disease Prevention and Control

Wheat soil-borne diseases mainly include wheat root rot, wheat sheath blight, and wheat full-bleeding disease. Because the site of its disease is mainly concentrated in the base of the roots and stems, it is more subtle, and the pathogens are harmful to the underground parts. The symptoms are refle

Silk flower blossoms many times a year

How many times a year can you open a flower? The relevant data is recorded as 4 to 5 times, and our experience of years of potted plants has reached the conclusion that it can be opened 6 times a year. We chose the balcony for flowering and planting trials. For more than 10 years, potted plants (in

Lotus seedling breeding and adult fish breeding technol…

Hibiscus is a new type of indica hybrid selected by Provincial Fisheries Research Institute. It is a omnivorous fish at the bottom of the ground. It is a staple food plankton at the stage of seedlings and it turns into omnivorous when it reaches the summer flower specification. More living in the b

Yuan Hu High-yield Cultivation Puts "Five Off"…

Yuan Hu, also known as Xuan Hu and Yan Long Suo, is a perennial herb medicinal plant. It is one of the commonly used medicinal materials. According to the production experience, to cultivate Yuan Hu in order to achieve high yields, the following five levels must be considered. Select the ground. Yu

Frozen frozen food

The quick-frozen storage of shiitake mushrooms has been developing vigorously in the south and north of China in recent years. Since the popularization of shiitake mushrooms in Fujian province, the development of bags of shiitake mushrooms in Zhejiang, Henan and Hubei provinces has been successful.

Pork can be regulated

After nearly a decade of scientific and technological breakthroughs, scientists in our country discovered the mechanism of differentiation and regulation of pork adipocytes, and achieved major breakthroughs in the use of biotechnology to control pork fat content. This study used cell biology, molec

Korea developed a treatable diabetic lettuce

The research group of Gyeongsang University, located in Jeonju City, South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea, cooperated with the professor group of Jeonju University of Technology to develop a lettuce that can treat diabetes and stroke. Common lettuce does not contain components that can dissolve t