Special Care Road "Six Road Pass"

1. Environmental protection: Special animals that are farmed can adapt to local climatic conditions. Suitable climatic conditions can enhance the immunity of special animals and reduce the cost of breeding. On the contrary, the use of artificial environment not only increases the cost of breeding,

Long-haired rabbits are warm and warm in winter

Winter is the hairy season for long-haired rabbits. It is necessary to strengthen the management and promote the production of hairy rabbits. Feeding methods Winter long-haired rabbits feed on grasshoppers, wheat bran, carrots, etc., and they have good palatability after fermentation, and rabbits

Agricultural film also see shelf life

Some agricultural composite membranes have perforated, cracked and other quality problems, resulting in a large number of crop seedlings planted in greenhouses. These problematic films are either inferior products or already aged inventory products. Because poor quality agricultural film will lose

How to choose indoor flowers

Most potted plants sold at flower shops are grown in greenhouses. The lighting conditions are good there, the air humidity is high, and at the same time, due to strong photosynthesis and rapid growth, the amount of fertilizer and the amount of watering are also relatively large. After buying these

Bio-promoting growth

The lack of nutrients promoted by the organism may cause the crop to have a "nutrient" morbid state, and the "excess" of a certain nutrient element will often lead to the "lack" of another nutrient element, or cause crops to become "adult ( "Insanity," o

Raise the survival rate of puppies and young rabbits re…

The rabbits from birth to weaning are called puppies. During this period, the organ development of the pups is not complete, and the adjustment function is poor, the adaptability is weak, and it is easy to die. Therefore, we must take intensive care, eat good colostrum, use feed and disease prevent

Cotton practical cultivation techniques

1. Seedbed chemical weeding and strong seedling weed seedlings compete with cotton seedlings to fight for space and affect the growth of cotton seedlings. At the same time, due to the high density of seedlings, high temperature and high humidity, cotton seedlings tend to grow into high-line seedlin

There are four taboos for winter pesticides

Farmers can store their unused pesticides for reuse in the coming year, but if they lack the knowledge they will poison humans and livestock, there are four taboos for winter pesticides: One does not strictly check. The storage of pesticides must first see the label on the bottle, such as off to p

Ukrainian morning tea

Ukrainian morning tea features: (1) "Wu Niu Zao" tea origin Luo Dong, Wu Niu Cha District is located in the north bank of the Wei River, in the Nanxi River Basin, and close to the vast East China Sea. It has typical marine monsoon climate effects. The heat is sufficient, the temperature

Hetian Qiao Weed

Summarize the experience of weeding in paddies around the country, mainly from two aspects: First, agricultural control. 1. In places where conditions permit, regular rotation of paddy and dry land can significantly reduce weeds; 2. Control water and suffocate weeds. In the early stage of lotus ro