How to wash and maintain tractor after being flooded

First, clean the dirt and weeds on the tractor. Second, clean the air filter, first use diesel oil to clean the filter, then use oil to infiltrate, remove and wait until the excess oil drips from the filter and then assemble. In addition to installing the gasket, the oil pan should be filled with

Bupleurum planting technology

Bupleurum is an Umbelliferae plant with medicinal roots that grow on hillsides, bushes and forest gaps. At present, wild resources are digging less and less. Wild species are the only way out. Chai Hu warm climate, drought, cold, fear of embarrassment. The soil is preferably loamy or sandy loam. T

Winter greenhouse vegetables guard against "light …

Most vegetables require strong light conditions. However, in winter, especially in rainy and snowy weather, the light is weak. The lack of light in greenhouse vegetables is a common problem. Insufficient illumination not only fails to produce more vigorous photosynthetic activity, but also reduces

High-yield and stable production of mealworms

First, temperature and humidity are the conditions for high yield and stable production. The most basic condition for breeding yellow mealworm is temperature and humidity. Temperature of 20 ~ 35 °C, humidity 60% ~ 70% when the normal growth. When farmers raise their temperature in winter, most o

Livestock breeding technology

How to raise a good milk pig 1, to ensure that the newborn piglets eat good colostrum. 2, pay attention to cold insulation. Newborn pigs are cold and chilly, and should be kept at 30-32 °C for the first 1-3 days, 28-30 °C for 4-7 days, and 22-25 °C for 8-30 days. After one month, they sh

How to identify counterfeit farm machinery

First, the fake and inferior agricultural machines are mostly no-manufacturers' names, addresses, no nameplate signs, and no "three no" products with no certification. Second, observation from the outside can identify counterfeit agricultural machinery. The general requirements for a

Non-pollution imitation wild Chinese sturgeon breeding …

With the improvement of people's living standards and quality of life, higher demands are placed on the consumption of aquatic products. Wild, safe or pollution-free aquatic products are particularly favored by people. Due to the rapid development of the factory's warming culture, the price

Application of Plant Genetic Engineering Diseases and P…

1 The anti-virus virus is a major enemy of crops, and the yield loss caused by it is enormous. In the case of potato alone, the loss of potato virus X (P VX) can reach 10%, and the loss of potato virus Y (P VY) can be as high as 80%. Since the transfer of the coat protein gene of tobacco mosaic vi

Turtle imitation eco-efficient farming

1. Build the pool. The soft-shelled turtle is quiet and afraid of the sound, Xiyang afraid of the wind, Xi Jie afraid of dirty. To build a pond to choose a quiet environment, sheltered from the sun, drainage and irrigation convenient pond as a breeding base. For self-cultivation, self-breeding, an

Chinese Palace Chicken Breeding Technology

The Chinese Palace Yellow Chicken, also known as the Phoenix Chicken, is an ancient rare bird in China. It was a tribute to the Imperial Palace for viewing and imperial dining in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Chinese court chickens have strong disease resistance and wide adaptability. They are suit