Medicinal Plant Sanqi (Tian Qi) Fusarium Root Rot

Panax notoginseng (Burk.) FHChen Panax pseudonym ginseng Wall. var. notoginseng (Burkill) Hoo & Tseng. Alias ​​field seven. Araliaceae is a perennial herb that uses rhizomes, flowers, and leaves as medicine. It has the functions of activating blood stasis, relieving swelling and

Medicinal plant lily, bacterial soft rot

Symptoms of damage to the bulb, Mr. Gray-brown irregular water dip spot, gradually expanding, inward spread, causing wet rot, causing the entire bulb to form a rot. Pathogen Erwinia carotovora subsp.carotovora (Jones) said Erwinia carotovora carrot soft rot caused by lesions, is a bacterium. The

Medicinal plant licorice brown spot

Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch. is a perennial herb of the family Leguminosae. Root and rhizome medicine. With and in the urgency, lungs and detoxification, to reconcile the efficacy of various drugs. Production in Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Hebei and other

Problems to be Noted in the Use of Fungal Fertilizer

"Bacterial fertilizer" is a pollution-free new-type composite biological fertilizer that is obtained through the artificial purification and rejuvenation of active bacteria collected from nature. Good fungus fertilizers, such as goldfish bacteria fertilizer, not only contain a large numb

Medicinal Plants Winter Coral Leaf Mould

Winter coral scientific name Solanum pseudocapsicum L. Alias ​​coral, jade coral, red coral, wild pepper tomato. A solanaceae shrub, with root medicine. With pain relief. Anhui, Jiangxi, Guangdong, and Yunnan have all been cultivated. Symptoms Planted winter corals in the greenhouse

Small pelletizing machine instructions

Small pelletizing machine instructions 1. Before using the machine, remove the upper cover and the gear cover (as shown in the figure). You must add a few drops of non-hydrated cooking oil to each oil eye, and then scrub the four rollers and the pill with medical alco

Prevention of main diseases and insect pests in greenho…

It is the peak season of tomato growing in the greenhouse after the autumn. The occurrence of diseases and pests will directly affect the yield, quality and economic benefits of this tomato plant. The damages of tomatoes after the fall of the fall are mainly: leaf mold, late blight, etc.; insect p

Wheat stem rust

Symptoms Wheat stalk rust occurs mainly in the coastal areas of East China, the Yangtze River, the southern winter wheat region, and in Inner Mongolia and northwestern spring wheat regions in the northeast and north China. It mainly occurs on leaf sheaths and stems, but also damages the leaves and

It is key for edible fungus to obtain high yield of gre…

Green mold is the main disease in the cultivation of edible fungi. The following 10 methods can be used for timely prevention and treatment: 1. Reduce the temperature and humidity of the mushroom house, increase the ventilation volume, and use the ash to cover the mold, to prevent the spread of mo

Medicinal Plant Mallow Sclerotinia

Mallow scientific name Malva verticillata L, alias winter leeks, winter cold dishes, slippery vegetables, soil yellow peony, leeks and leeks. It is an annual herb of Malvaceae. Roots, stems, leaves and seeds are used as medicine. With diuretic milk, laxative, heat and dampness, Bu Zhong Yi Qi and