Pay attention to the prevention and treatment of tomato…

In recent years, tomato virus disease has been severe in early spring, which has led to a decline in the yield and quality of tomatoes, which has caused large economic losses to vegetable farmers. There are two main reasons for this: First, the spring climate is arid and a large number of locusts

How To Sweeten Tomatoes

How Tomato Tomato Tomatoes, also known as tomatoes, are called "magical fruits." It is rich in meat and juice, eats in various ways, and can be eaten raw and cooked. Tomato is flat, sweet and sour, nutritious, it is the best-selling vegetable in summer. It also has medicinal properties s

How to adjust the carbon and nitrogen ratio of cultivat…

How to adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio of cultivating materials During the processing of edible mushroom cultivation materials by using a goldfish fermentation agent, the microorganisms in the culturing materials decompose the carbohydrates, and part of the generated energy is used for the growth

How to ensure the quality of green food

How to ensure the quality of green foods With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumer tastes are also increasing, and the requirements for foods are gradually stricter, especially for green foods. What kind of soil is required to produce green foods? First, the soil

Fertilizer fermentation benefits

Fertilizer Fermentation Benefits Many waste organics, no decomposing farmyard fertilizers, etc., have many benefits after the fermentation process of the Golden Baby microbial ferment, for example: Promote the resistance of disease-free organisms in the process of fermentation accompanied by a la

Fur Scratching Procedures and Brief Description

Process I: Classification and roughing of raw hides. The leather with the value of tanning is classified according to the thinness of the skin, the presence or absence of disability, and the skin. Then remove the economic value of the skin (such as: head, legs, claws, tail, large meat, etc.) to re

Tomato deficiency and remedy

In the process of growth and development of tomato, it is necessary to absorb a variety of nutrients. When a certain element is lacking, it will show a corresponding lack of symptoms on the external morphology, which will affect the yield and quality of tomato. Here is a brief introduction to the s

Fermentation feed increases palatability

Fermentation feeds increase palatability. People are reluctant to eat coarse grains. Livestock and humans are unwilling to eat roughage that is not easily digested and absorbed. Under certain conditions, the fermenting effect of beneficial microorganisms in the golden baby starter is converted int

Self-made substrate nutrition soil

The nutritional soil of potted flowers must contain sufficient nutrients, have good water, fertilizer, gas, heat and other properties, and can resist the breeding and mixing of harmful microorganisms and other harmful substances. Flower growers usually use dry chicken manure or other circulatory f

Prevention of potato damage by bean phthalocyanine

At present, the bean phthalocyanine is found to be harmful to the mulching potato in the Longhu District of Shizuishan City, covering an area of ​​about 30 mu. The leaves of some fields are seriously damaged and affect the normal growth of the potato. There are three types of phthalo