Winter agricultural vehicle water precautions

In winter, the weather is cold, and the working conditions of agricultural vehicles are deteriorating. If the cooling water is used improperly, it is easy to damage the body. Therefore, the winter water for agricultural vehicles should pay attention to the following matters. 1. Don't rush to

The most "aphrodisiac" food

Half of the love in the world is related to eating, but few people count how many "sex" blessings are eaten. When eating is more important than eating full, eating "sex" blessings may be more important than eating full.... Do not use aphrodisiac drugs can also create countless

After the cucumber in winter greenhouse is changed for …

Recently, the reporter interviewed Shouguang Xinyang Agricultural Assets Co., Ltd. to go to the countryside. In the Bali Village, Wenjiao Street, Shouguang City, a lot of farmers consulted that in another week or so, their autumn cucumbers will have to be replanted, if they continue Cucumber, base

Winter is coming and raising sheep should be warmed up …

In the early winter, the outdoor temperature is generally below 10°C. In addition to the depletion of pasture, the nutrients obtained by the sheep from the pasture cannot meet the needs and cause the phenomenon of dropping. Tests have shown that as soon as possible to take a warm shed, can main

Fruit tree scraping "five changes" high effec…

Curing old fruit trees is an effective measure to eradicate pests and rejuvenate the tree. This is a good measure. Pests can be reduced by 70% to 80% over the winter, pathogens are reduced by more than 80%, and the use of drugs is reduced by 1 or 2 times in the growing season. Save money and incre

Winter Tips for Dogs

Last year, a swift winter caught offenders in the gentle southern region. Although this year was normal, we were more concerned with wintering the dog than doing well. For dog owners who have been with dogs for many years, wintering dogs is not a big problem, but small problems can happen from time

The best cultivation method for beans listed on the New…

In Shandong and Henan provinces, vegetable growers use winter greenhouses to cultivate wintering pod beans. In October, they are planted on the New Year and get considerable economic benefits. The average output per 667 square meters is more than 5,000 kilograms and the output value is more than 2

Feeding management of fur animals during the winter hai…

1 Nutritional and Physiological Characteristics In September, the cubs of foxes, baboons, and cubs began to change from the main growth skeletal and visceral organs to the main growth muscles and deposit fats. With the change of the lighting cycle after the autumnal equinox, including the species b

Greenhouse wall anchoring effect is good

After the completion of the new greenhouse, the vegetable farmer usually sets a steel wire on the walkway of the backslope, and the two sides are fixed to the anchors of the east and west gables. But now the new greenhouses are becoming wider and wider. More and more membrane ropes and grasshoppers

Wintering management after metamorphosis

When the temperature drops below 10 degrees Celsius, the cubs, nymphs and pods will enter hibernation. 1. Increase the nutritional intake of pre-hibernating cubs into adult lice and breeders. One month before hibernation, we must ensure that we feed enough bait and properly feed high protein diets.