200mA X-ray Unit (with Radiographic) (AM-200)

Model NO.: AM-200
Ma: 200mA
Trademark: AMISMED
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Specification: CE, ISO
Origin: China
HS Code: 9022140090
200mA X-ray unit with radiographic (AM-200)

200mA X-ray Unit (with Radiographic) (AM-200)
General photograpy; Filter-ray device photograpy.

1.    The power supply voltage V and KV are infinitely variable control.
2.    The machine is equipped with mA, KV and S interlocking protecting device of subsections and grades.
3.    The machine is equipped with the protection device of X-ray filament manostat, space charge compensation and anode start.
4.    Power supply voltage, radiographic KV and mA display separately and are observed easy.
5.    The machine with no top and bottom track is installed and operated easy.
6.    Transverse moving of upright post, lengthways moving of arm and rotation of X-ray tube unit are all equipped with electromagnetism braking device.
7.       Diagnostic bed, which is equipped with electromagnetism braking device, can move not only transversely but also lengthwise.

Technical data:
Demand of power supply
Capacity Two phase 30KVA
Voltage Frequency 380V/220V±10%  50Hz±0.5Hz
Internal resistance 380V: 0.9Ω, 220V: 0.3Ω,
Power supply Adjustable range 380V±10% at 380V; 220±10% at 220V being adjustable continuously
Voltage 50-100KV being adjustable continuously
Current Small focus 50mA
Big focus 50, 100, 150, 200mA
                                    Time 0.05-6.3s, 20grades together grading according to R10 coefficient
High-voltage generator Capacity 20KVA (instantaneous)
Max DC output voltage 100KV
Max DC output current 200mA
X-ray tube Model XD51-20,40/100
Focus Small focus: 1x1mm, Big focus: 2x2mm
Radiographic table
Table face (LXWXH) 2000mmx780mmx680mm
Moving range of table face 800mm in length
240mm in breadth
Travel in length ≥560mm
Grid density N28
Convergence distance of 100cm
Grid ratio r8
Pillar of x-ray tube unit Moving in length along radiographic table 1600mm
Distance to ground as moving up and down (along upright post) 700~1800mm
Rotary around the center of cross arm ±1800
Rotary around the shaft line of x-ray annular tubes -100~600~+1200
Max size of cassette for radiography  
356mmx432mm (14"x17")

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