High Quality Infant Incubator with CE &ISO

Model NO.: BB-300 standard
Trademark: sainty
Origin: Jiangsu Yangzhou
HS Code: 90189090
Air /skin mode control,humidity adjustable continuously & display &control, bed title continuously,RS232 ,Monitor tray,oxygen inlet & display&control,drawer ,sensor box,double hood
functon features:
Microprocessor based servo controlled temperature system
Temperature display by LED
Alarm funtions:Power failure,over temperature,temperature deviation,temperature sensor failure,fan failure
>37ºC temperature setting
A keypad lock helps prevent inadvertent changes the setting
Temperature deviation and over temperature could be amended in front panel directly
The infant bed inclination angle is adjustable
Humidity is adjustable in two grades
Integral timer to record therapy time
A second thermal cut-off function for more safety
optional parts    xogyen inlet ,
Questions from neonatal regulating function is not perfect, so the baby want to make it in a "neutral" temperature range (a value), the temperature of the baby's metabolic rate and oxygen consumption minimum.

Newborn is the neutral environment temperature varies with the weight and the size of the age: 24 hours of birth, newborn neutral temperature is 32 ~ 33 ºC, premature immature is 33 ~ 36 ºC;4 to 7 days, the neutral temperature of full term to 31 ~ 32 ºC, immature to 32 ~ 34 ºC;Gestational age is smaller, the smaller the weight babies need neutral temperature is higher.Environmental temperature minimum and should not be less than 25 ºC.

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