How to harmless sweetening technology for fruits

Fruit is always sweeter, but what we want is "green" sweet rather than "chemical" sweet. The "green" sweetening of fruits can be achieved by cultivation, management and appropriate use of biological sweeteners.
1, Sumida management. The soil is loose, deep, slightly acidic or neutral, and the fruit is sweet; the soil is thick and acidic, and the fruit acidity increases. Deep plowing is adopted to improve soil fertility and structure. After planting, deep plowing is carried out in different years to thicken the soil layer (living soil layer is kept above 60 cm).
2, a reasonable fertilization. The application of organic fertilizers, especially organic fertilizers that have been fully decomposed by the golden baby starter, is one of the important measures for increasing the sugar content of fruits. Partial application of nitrogen fertilizer, ignoring phosphorus, potassium fertilizer, partial fertilizer ignore cake, green manure and organic fertilizer, neglect to increase the necessary fertilizer is one of the important reasons for the low sugar content of fruits.
3, spray sweeteners. Appropriate application of biological sweeteners (Gumba sweetening colorants) not only can increase the fruit sugar, make the fruit color evenly, but also can maintain the fruit "green" quality.
4, pruning. The sparse fruit and fruit thinning results in appropriate amount of fruit trees and relatively large ratio of leaf to fruit. The plastic and pruning can make the tree airy and transparent and have good light conditions. Through these management measures, the sugar content of the fruit can also be increased.

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