1000mg/ml nicotine PG/VG

Pure Nicotine Liquid,Pure Liquid Nicotine Name:99.9%Pure Nicotine,999mg/ml pure nicotine Appearance:colorless Cas:54-11-5 Formula:C10H14N2 Just make e-liquid or e-juice to refill the e-cigarette. 99.9%pure nicotine usage: 1. Quit smoke products E-cigarette Liquid ,Nicotine Gum ,Nicotine Patches,nicotine for e juice ,nicotine content ffrom 12mg/ml to 300mg/ml.Quit-smoking product, just like e-liquid or e-juice to refill the e-cigarette;or making nicotine gum /patch, nicotine tablets and so on 2. Natural Bio-pesticide , No residual Applications 1.Applied in bio-pesticide. It can be used to produce bio-pesticide of high-effective, low toxicity and low residue. 2.Applied in medical area. It can be used to treat Alzheimer. 3.Applied in smoke quitting. It can be used to made e-juice, nicotine patches and other smoke quitting products 4. Used as an additive to manufacture food, nutrition and health care products, flavors and fragrances, cosmetics, and animal feeds. 5.Used in Nicotine replacement therapy. High purity can help chian-smoker quit smoking and also can prevent non-smoker atsrt smoking. ? nicotine Storage: Nitrogen protection, airtight, keep away from light, low temperature Usage: 1. Used for e-cigarette liquid, e-smoking liquid and e-juice... 2. Used for quit-smoking product, nicotine gum and pharmaceutical products 36mg/ml~360mg/ml nicotine with pg or vg for e-liquids Many kinds of e-liquids fill flavor: Tobacco series flavor: cigar,seven star,tobacco............... Fruit series flavor: apple,peach,banana,cherry ............... Herb and Mint series flavor: vanllia,pepper,menthol.. Now we have 7 kinds below: Skype:ctc.hem