Analysis of the principle of cosmetology machine .

1, beauty equipment Ultrasonic Overview The human ear can hear the sound frequency of 20 ~ 20,000Hz. When the vibration frequency sound waves greater than 20000Hz or less than 20Hz, we would not hear. Therefore, we sound waves at frequencies above 20000Hz is called "ultrasound." The lower the ultrasonic frequency, the stronger the penetration. Ultrasonic frequency generally used for the beauty industry is 1-3MHz. Ultrasound is directional, and strong penetration, easy to get a higher concentration of acoustic energy propagation distance and so on. Thus it is applied to more and more industries. Beauty Instrument Ultrasonic technology since the introduction of beauty sessions since the 1980s. With its wide range of treatment, quick, high cure rate, easy operation and promote the popular, it has become a large beauty instrument most practical, the most popular equipment. With the progress of science and technology, a new generation of professional ultrasonic beauty equipment turned out to bring its excellent quality, powerful features, luxurious appearance quickly swept the beauty industry. Ultrasound used in cosmetic industry mainly has the following effect 1, the mechanical action: one million times per second of mechanical vibrations, so that each part of the action are followed by vibration, play a unique role in cell massage, improve cell metabolism, enhance the vitality of cells and promote blood circulation, improve skin tissue nutrition, ruddy skin. Increase flexibility. 2, thermal effects: thermal effect of ultrasound by causing changes in the function and metabolism of blood vessels, can make blood circulation and strong, so that the cells reduce excitement, produce analgesic effect. Make spasm sagging skin, with solutions twin role. 3, chemical effect: ultrasound has strengthened catalytic, accelerate metabolism. Make changes to the basic terms of ph value. Conducive to drug penetration, improve drug disinfection. 2, ultrasonic beauty equipment schematic analysis 1. Schematic 2 ultrasonic beauty equipment, beauty equipment, ultrasonic head assembly In fact, the ultrasonic head is mainly composed of piezoelectric ceramics and metal headers. Wherein the piezoelectric ceramic plate is a vibration device, while working at a frequency of 1MHz high-speed oscillation energy generated by its metal head delivered to the surface of the metal head. 3, circuit analysis In this circuit, C2 C3 C4 Q2 L3 and ultrasound head together to form a self-excited oscillation circuit capacitance, Special Note: Our analysis of this circuit, it is necessary ultrasonic head as a capacitor element analysis. Because ultrasound head itself as the main device is composed of a piezoelectric ceramics, piezoelectric ceramic sheet is actually a large capacitance, so there is no ultrasonic head of the circuit will not start up. Q2 is an oscillating tube, is the core of the entire circuit, so when we want to use to select the parameters depending on the supply voltage V1 and current, ultrasonic beauty equipment on the circuit is generally used below the voltage of 48V is. L2 is a choke, whose main role is to ensure that when the work of the current is not too large and burning oscillating tube. Other devices together constitute an oscillating tube base adjustment circuit, the circuit is composed of RW1 adjust the output size, you can also do with microcontroller output size. The circuit is simple and durable, mainly to the radiator Q2 install enough on it. Ultrasonic beauty equipment on the market are basically using this circuit. Ultrasonic beauty instrument: level probe does not represent how much heat acoustic output power, hot and easy to burn the skin; pharmaceutical agent concentration is too small, not directly penetrate, or easily cause dry skin; use, the probe can not pass from the eye, the eyelids can not massage; pregnant women and can not be used in patients with severe heart disease. Operating beauty equipment disabled people: 1.Pregnant women; 2.Strong inevitable daily work (day) light exposure crowd; 3.Light allergy and drug allergy and allergic people to very bright light source; 4.Allergy sensitive skin vulnerable to infection; 5.Epilepsy and scars and physical groups; 6.And parts of the upper eyelid with open wounds guests; 7.Diabetes; 8.The effectiveness of skin care products being used should be discontinued 1-3 months after the operation, the operating parts of the use of essential oils should be stopped 1-2 days before the operation, blackheads need clean needles 3 days after treatment 9.High expectations by the surgeon;