Solar greenhouse vegetable fertilization, watering, temperature adjustment, and grace

In recent years, the development of vegetables in Tangshan has been rapid, and the area of ​​greenhouses has continuously increased. However, some vegetable farmers are prone to misunderstandings in the management of greenhouses. First, fertilizer and water management: According to the survey, some farmers have no quantitative fertilizer, there is no control of watering. In fact, greenhouse vegetable fertilization should not be too frequent, it should be based on the growth status of the vegetables, the number of fertilization also have a fixed number, on the contrary, not only did not achieve its intended effect, but also prone to produce damage. When watering, we must observe the soil moisture, we can't just flood the flood irrigation. It should be just right. There are too many times of watering and the water quantity is too large. It is easy to make the temperature of the greenhouse drop, and the humidity increases. It is unfavorable for the growth of greenhouse vegetables, and it can also cause Many kinds of diseases. Second, the temperature and light management: Most farmers in the actual operation, it is easy to ignore this key. For the temperature, it is better to grasp during the day and let it be natural as soon as it is nighttime. When the temperature is too high in the daytime, it should be ventilated and cooled in time. At night, we should add grasshoppers or take measures to increase the temperature of the greenhouse. The difference in room temperature between the night and day sheds will cause physical obstacles and physiological diseases. In addition to warming the light, but also promote the metabolism of vegetables, regulate reproductive growth and vegetative growth, so the morning should be exposed in a timely manner, even if the cloudy days have to ensure that there are 3 to 4 hours of low-light irradiation.

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