The simple processing technology of candied dates

1, choose raw materials: use large fruit, loose fruit flesh, small fruit core varieties. The color of jujube should be harvested when turning white without turning red. 2. Cleaning and skinning: After harvesting, jujube fruit is selected and graded and cleaned, and then the jujube fruit is divided into many fine lines with a skinning device or manually, so as to cut the jujubes into degrees. 3, smoked sulfur: first soaked in water with jujube fruit, and then poured into the baking tray sent to the sulfur room for sulfur smoking 2 hours to 3 hours out. 4, candied: according to 70% of jujube weight weighed sugar, that is, 10 kg of dates, said 7 kg of sugar. Put 4 kilograms of sugar into the pot first (use copper pot as well), add about 1.2 kilograms of water-soluble sugar, add the date fruit, boil for about half an hour. And gently flip to promote the penetration of sugar. Then add the remaining 3 kg of sugar and continue cooking for 50 minutes. When the temperature reaches 103 °C ~ 105 °C, you can pour the pot into the tank, continue to dip for about 30 hours. 5, Baking: The jujube is drained to the sugar liquid on the baking tray, sent into the baking room baking, the temperature is maintained at 55 °C ~ 65 °C, until the jujube bake to 60% ~ 70% dry out, one by one Knead into a complete oblate shape, and continue drying on a baking tray until the surface is not sticky and the flesh has toughness.

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