Jinbao Fermentation Bed Pigs

Now that there are many friends who have a certain understanding of the pigs in the fermentation beds, what problems should we pay attention to when using our Jinpo pigpen fermentation beds? We can tell from the source of the pigs in the fermentation bed whether the fermentation bed can work depends on the microbial activity in the fermentation bed. The factors that affect microbial activity can be divided into external factors and internal factors.
The internal cause is mainly the activity level of the microorganisms themselves, and the functional strains of our Kinpo fermentation bed fermentation aids have powerful fermentation functions and high vitality. Users who use our Kinpo fermentation bed fermentation auxiliaries do not have to worry about internal causes.
The external factors that affect microbial activity include temperature, humidity, nutrient composition, and oxygen supply. Let's talk about them separately:
1, temperature, functional bacteria species in the 10-15 °C above the fastest growth and reproduction, the temperature is lower than 5 °C will be in a dormant state, generally take artificial warming to start on it, once the heat generated by the fermentation is sufficient to maintain the temperature .
2. Humidity, functional strains have the highest activity at 50-60% water content, slower if they are too low, and less well ventilated if they are too high. Therefore, the moisture content of the fermentation material should generally be controlled at 50-60%. This humidity range is also suitable for pig activities.
3. Nutritional composition. Litter contained a large amount of lignin to provide sufficient carbon source for functional bacteria. Pig's excreta provided sufficient nitrogen source and salt. Can enable the rapid proliferation of functional bacteria and the degradation of litter and urine to eliminate odors.
4. Oxygen supply status: The surface litter composed of sawdust is loose, and it is not easy to form a dense layer. The permeability is good and sufficient oxygen supply can be ensured. In case the external litter is too tight due to external force, foreign matter weight, excessive time, or other reasons, manual loosening, perforating ventilation, etc. can be easily adopted to improve the ventilation condition of litter.
All the above steps have been solved. Do you worry about your fermentation bed? Fermenting beds are no problem. Your pig is not so mad at meat in such a good environment.

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