Rice seed disinfection method

Use 50% carbendazim, 50% thiophanate-methyl, or 50% thiram 500 times to soak the seeds for 48 hours (200 grams of liquid to 100 kilograms of water can be immersed in 60 to 70 kilograms of rice) and then fish. Pregermination and sowing are effective for the prevention of bastard disease, and can also be used for both rice blast, leaf spot and seedling blight.

Use 40% strong Chloride 200 times soaking. Seed soaked with water for 12 hours, and then soaked in liquid for 12 hours, then rinse with water, remove germination, sowing, can prevent bacterial streak, bacterial blight and so on.

Soaking seeds with 0.2% copper sulfate solution for 48 hours, then removing germination and sowing, can prevent bastard disease, rice smut and so on.

Use 40% formalin 500x soak. Seed soaked with water for 1 to 2 days (to absorb enough water without dew-whiteness), remove it, dry it slightly, soak it in the liquid for 48 hours, remove and rinse with water, and then germinate and sow. It can prevent rice blast, bastard disease, leaf spot disease, smut, and rice smut.

Use 10% Ye Shujing 2000 times liquid soaking for 24 ~ 48 hours, remove the germination, sowing, can prevent bacterial blight, bacterial streak disease and so on.

The solution is soaked in 0.15% of the bacilli solution for 48 hours. After rinsing with water, the seeds are germinated and sown to prevent acanthopanemasis and bastard disease.

Soaking seed with 500% liquid soaked for 10 to 60 hours with 10% soaking seed can prevent bastard disease and prevent acanthopanemasis and rice blast disease.

Take appropriate amount of 70% hymexazol (soil bacteria elimination), before sowing by 0.4% ~ 0.7% of the dry rice seed mix, dry mix, wet mix can prevent seedling blight and so on.

The use of 0.1% to 0.2% potassium permanganate solution soaked for 24 hours can prevent a variety of fungal, bacterial species transmission diseases.

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With the development of medical technology, Sodium Hyaluronate has been more and more widely used in medical applications. In 1976, Sodium Hyaluronate was first commercialized and used as ophthalmic viscoelastic agents, which is a significant progress in the ophthalmic industry. In 1987, Sodium Hyaluronate for intra-articular injection came in to the market. In 1990s, the large-scale production of Sodium Hyaluronate by fermentation made the cost lower, thus products containing Sodium Hyaluronate such as eye-drops, dermal fillers and other Sodium Hyaluronate preparations started to be used extensively.

 Eye Drops Grade Sodium Hyaluronate


Test Items



White powder

Hyaluronic  acid


Molecular weight

≥2.0 X 106 Da



Loss on drying






Heavy metal


Bacterial counts


Mold and Yeast


Sterile Test


Shelf Life

Two Years


The results meet the standard


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