Short-term strengthening fattening of shelf cattle

First, the choice of shelf cattle
1. Variety. Should be the preferred choice of Charolais, Heyford, Simmental, Angus and other breeds of cattle and crossbreeding improved offspring.
2. age. Generally choose 1 to 2.5 years old hybrid cattle, because the cattle feed intake at this stage is large, the feed remuneration is high, and the daily weight gain is obvious. Generally, after 1 00 days of fattening, the body weight can reach more than 500 kg.
3. gender. Since bulls grow fastest, calves are the next, and cows are the slowest, bulls should be used for fattening cattle.
4. body weight. The weight of the shelf cattle should not be too large or too small, generally 3OO to 400 kg. For direct fattening of calves, cattle weighing more than 25O kg can be selected.
5. Body appearance. Choose a good spirit, bright eyes and eyes, bright hair, soft and flexible skin, shoulder width, chest deep and wide, straight back and wide, strong cattle limbs.
Second, the fattening period of feeding and management of the general shelf cattle fast fattening needs about 100 days, can be divided into three phases:
1. The transition period is about 15 days. First of all, the insects in the body were repelled with insect repellents, and each cow was given "artificial salt" and stomach for 3 days after deworming. During the transitional period, we should teach the cattle to eat mixed feed. The feed should be more coarse and less concentrated, and gradually transition to about 30% of the diet.
2. Medium-term fattening. 16th to 60th days. During this period, the cattle recovered their body condition and compensated for the nutritional needs during the growth period. At this time, the cattle's muscles and fats grew rapidly. The amount of concentrate should gradually reach more than 50% of the diet. Dry matter intake should reach 8 kg. Each cow is supplemented with 2O grams of salt and 5Og of additives each day.
3. One hundred fertilizer late. 60th to 1OOth days. This period is a critical period for rapid fattening, and it is necessary to consolidate and accelerate the promotion of the rapid growth of cattle. The concentrate feed should account for more than 70% of the diet, dry matter intake should reach 10 kg, and each cow should add 3O g of salt and 50 g of additives each day.
The fattening stage should ensure that the cattle have sufficient drinking water, which is usually supplied about 1 hour after feeding. The cowshed should be kept clean and dry, and it should be sterilized and sterilized on a regular basis to do a good job of epidemic prevention and treatment. After each stage, we must weigh and take measures to improve the situation according to the weight gain.
Third, timely delivery of the shelf after the cattle after l00 days of fattening, the general body weight up to 5OO kg or more, eye view of beef muscle full, double ridge flat, you can slaughter the listing. For the fattening period, the weight gain is slow, the physical quality is weak, and the cattle that cannot be restored after adjusting for feeds should be slaughtered in time to reduce the feeding cost.

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