How to breed orchids in winter

Orchids stop growing in the winter, but the management of this period is directly related to the growth of the second year. Some people, due to improper winter management, have caused freezing, frostbite, empty roots, and black spot, and are severe until death. Therefore, each orchid career must pay attention to the winter care of orchids. I think we must master the following ten points: First, we must grasp the correct time for entering the house; second, we must spray the disease prevention and insect repellent drugs before entering the house; third, we must pay attention to antifreeze; Regular ventilation, five to prevent basin soil is too dry, six to prevent basin soil too wet, seven to prevent gas, eight to prevent overheating, nine to prevent wet leaves, ten to waterproof Guanlan.

First, we must master the right time to enter the house

China has a vast area and the temperature difference is quite high during the same season. The time for entering the house cannot be generalized. The time for entering the house should be determined according to the local climate change. I think that if it is Chunlan, you can choose to enter the house on the day before the weather forecast will appear on the ice tomorrow. As well. Some people enter the house when the temperature is lower than 10 degrees. I think this is not conducive to the development of flower buds. Premature entrance into the house will lead to the reduction of flower buds or even death in the fall of the second year. Therefore, as long as the temperature is not lower than the cold degree, Chunlan It is necessary to allow it to be used at a low temperature of 10 degrees to 0 degrees. This kind of temperature can also make the orchid tissue more full and healthy. The second year, the new sprout is strong and powerful.

Second, to spray anti-insect medicine before entering the house

When the temperature is lower than 5 degrees, select a turbosity or carbendazim solution 800 times in clear weather. If there are mustards, you should also spray an insecticide such as nitrogen oxides and cobalt to prevent the greenhouse after entering the house. Disease caused by high temperature.

Third, to prevent freezing

The wintering room of orchids can be a greenhouse (in the glass room during the day can be sun to the sun) can also be a general room or plastic shed, but the minimum temperature must ensure that the orchid is not less than 1 degree, to prevent frostbite, if less than zero degrees, then any Lan is bad, but you can't make Lan ice anyway. When the sky is cold, use an electric heater to warm it.

Fourth, to be regularly ventilated

In order to keep the orchids from freezing, the orchids should not be left in a place where they are not ventilated for a long time. This will cause the orchids to freeze and cause dark spots on the orchid leaves in the spring. The correct method is to open the window and open the door in time when the temperature is high, to promote air convection, but to prevent the cold northwest wind, in addition to large freeze, at noon and then can open the window ventilation.

Fifth, to prevent flower pot soil too dry

In winter, the orchids stop growing and the water requirement decreases. Because blue is a fleshy root, it is generally safe to keep water from dying. However, long-term dryness of pots leads to a healthy root that becomes empty roots, but it will not be reflected in blue leaves for a time. When it came out, Langgen was already wounded when it was reflected in the blue leaves. The serious one was dead. This kind of problem often appears in a one-sided understanding of "winter is not wet," when the blue soil is seen only when the pot edge of the water, see the topsoil wet, but also think that blue has been soaked, causing Langen completely dry. The correct approach is to "do not do it", "when it is poured." Too dry pots can be placed in water to soak the pots.

Six, to prevent long-term wet

Winter does not wet means that the blue pot can not be kept very warm for a long time, but it is better to avoid getting wet again after it has been wet. When the orchids are soaked in water, they can go through the sun and blow their hair until they appear to be not very wet.

Seven, to prevent smoke gas

Coal stoves cannot be used to heat the orchids, only electric stoves and infrared light guns can be used. These heaters also need to maintain a certain distance from the blue (to prevent burning Lan Yee), if there is no special orchid room, orchids must be placed in the gas can not smoke the place. Because the blue leaf meets the gas, black spots will appear on the leaf, so we must try our best to avoid it.

Eight, to prevent too much heat

Winter orchids have been dormant. If the temperature is too high is not conducive to the dormancy of orchids, the most bogey is that orchids are in a high and low temperature, which will make the orchids become weak and sick. Therefore, the blue pot should not be close to the heater, and the sun should be properly shaded.

Nine, to prevent wet leaves

When the spring, summer and autumn orchids are wetted with leaves, the orchid itself needs a large amount of water in the growing season of orchids. With outdoor ventilation, it can be dried immediately, so it is not easy to appear dark spots, but if it is wet in winter, Later, in the warm room or room, due to not ventilated, Lan Ye easily produce dark spots, so the leaves are not covered with dust or do not spray blue leaves, such as indeed the blue leaves covered with dust, of course, can also be selected without freezing Sprinkle the blue leaves at noon on a sunny day and open the windows until the leaves dry and then close the windows.

Ten, to waterproof blue heart

When watering in winter, it is best to pour people from the edge of the pot. Do not pour water into people's hearts. If you do not care, you will need to dry the blue water with a dry cloth to avoid the bad heart.

If the above ten points can be achieved, your orchids can safely and healthily survive the winter and usher in a healthy growth next year.

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