Addition of bone meal in the feed of laying hens

General chicks should have calcium in the feed at 2%, broilers should be at 2.5%, and laying hens should be at 3.5%. Laying hens can increase or decrease the amount of bone meal according to the increase or decrease in egg production, but it cannot exceed 4% at most.

In the chicken production process, some chicken farmers only know that the chicken-fed bone meal can promote development, promote eggshell formation, and prevent the production of soft eggs. However, if there is too much bone meal and the diet contains more than 2.5% calcium (other than laying hens), chicks and broilers will develop high calcium and low phosphorus urine, even with nephritis, gout, urinary stones, and some Loss of appetite and death can occur. For this reason, the chicken farmer should be reminded that the amount of bone meal fed by the chicken should be appropriate, not the better.

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