Raise six key links in suckling piglets

First, the insulation of newborn piglets

It is very important for the piglets to maintain a constant body temperature from 48 to 72 hours postpartum. In the winter, special attention should be paid to the heat preservation within 48 hours after delivery. Specific insulation measures can be used to set up a nursery room with a length and breadth of 60-80 cm each in the sow house, laying mats and installing bulbs to increase the temperature. In the first 3 days, the piglets are put in nursery after they are full. After 3 days, the piglets can enter and leave the piglets themselves. This will not only keep the body temperature of the piglets constant, but also effectively prevent the sows from squeezing the piglets.

Second, eat enough colostrum

The colostrum should be eaten immediately within 2 hours postpartum. The colostrum is characterized by high protein content, and contains a large amount of immunoglobulins and albumin. The content of magnesium salt, iron, VA, VD and Vc is also higher than that of normal milk. Eating early can greatly improve the disease resistance of piglets and at the same time promote meconium discharge.

Third, fixed teats

A few days after birth, the piglets will develop the habit of fixing milk in the nipples. The method of “grabbing the two heads and taking care of the middle” is generally used to fix the nipples, that is, the strongest, the weakest, and the favourite Milk control, forced to eat the designated teat, usually after 2 ~ 3d can achieve a fixed purpose. Fixing the nipple can ensure that the whole litter of piglets gets even development and reduces the death of weak piglets.

Fourth, to strengthen the feeding and management of sows during lactation, improve the resistance of piglets, and prevent piglets from crouching

The diarrhea is a common disease of piglets. It can be divided into three kinds of yellow, white and red peony, especially in white fleas. Piglet fern disease is caused by E. coli and is characterized by gastrointestinal infections that are characterized by pulling white loose stools. The causes of white piglets are as follows: First, improper feeding and management of sows, excessive proportion of concentrate in the diet, insufficient green feed, resulting in higher fat content in the secreted milk, and poor digestibility of the piglets after eating; second, the environmental hygiene of pig houses Poor; third is weaker piglets, sows suffering from mastitis, fever and Other diseases, piglets can easily cause diarrhea after eating. For the above reasons, the following measures can be taken to prevent: First, to strengthen the management of the sow during the late pregnancy and lactation, mainly based on the nutritional needs of the sow with a reasonable diet, with high protein concentrate plus drug milk, and in advance The appropriate amount of protein and calcium supplement in the middle and late pregnancy can effectively prevent postpartum warts and piglet diarrhoea in sows; for example, in the production practice often add Chuantai essence or hope essence pack in the feed, special effect pack of milk extract and calcium dihydrogen phosphate A bag of mix, feed from the prenatal 20 days, the daily amount of prenatal 100g, postpartum increase the amount to 250g, can guarantee that the sow milk is sufficient, often used and can effectively prevent the sow postpartum warts and piglets diarrhea; second is often Keep the sanitation environment and avoid pollution. Thirdly, strengthen the management of piglets. Feed the drugs (such as Bailongsan and Pulsatillae Decoction) 2 to 3 days after the date of the sow for prevention.

Fifth, early feed

Feeding piglets in advance is an important link to promote growth and development of piglets, increase physical fitness, increase survival rate and weaning weight. The main performance is that the sow's lactation gradually decreased from the third week after the birth. The needs of the piglets for protein, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients increased gradually and must be completed by feeding materials. The feeding method is: available piglets from 2 days after childbirth The starter 20g and the appropriate amount of cold boiled water into a paste applied to the sow milk is not on the lure, generally after repeated use 3-4 times to feed on the feed tank free to feed, and give clean drinking water, After normal feeding, feed the piglet pellets to the bimonthly slaughter. Practice has proved that early feeding can improve the piglet's double-month weight (average weight 25-30kg). Attention should be given to drinking enough water, regular dosing, attention to the hygiene of feed and utensils, and feed types can not be arbitrarily changed during feeding.

VI. Weaning in advance

According to the sow's lactation characteristics, the weaning time of the piglets can be advanced as early as the age of 35 days. Generally, the weaning method is generally adopted. The sows are rushed to another house, and they are returned when they are breast-feeding. Usually after 4-6 days, they are breast-fed. The number of times is gradually reduced to complete the weaning. Early weaning is very beneficial to the growth of piglets. It also enables early sows to be bred, early mating, and increased parity.

In short, raising good suckling piglets, sow feeding management is the key, early feeding, early weaning is the key, as long as we can accurately grasp the above six key links, we will be able to get the maximum survival rate, the largest weaning nest and a Weight, increase breeding efficiency.

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Belt Type Separator

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