Overwintering fruits and vegetables

At present, overwintering wolfberry vegetables enter the early fruit period, and for the first fruits of vegetables, many vegetable farmers are removed. However, the reporter believes that this period is the stage of transition from vegetative growth to reproductive growth. If the regulation is not good, it is difficult for the two to reach equilibrium. It is better to temporarily leave the pods and control the trees. Compared with chemical regulation, this method not only has no cost, but is also safe and effective. It is a very good control measure.

So how do you control the tree? It's easy to say this, and it's really not a good idea to do it. It's not easy to do just right. In general, the plant growth must first be observed. For plants that are weak, it is not advisable to take pods. For plants with moderate or prosperous growth, keep the head pods, otherwise it is easy to prosper. It should be noted that leaving the head pods is temporary because most of the vegetables in this period have not yet been grown. If the fruits are brought to market prematurely, it is very easy to “tired” them and affect the overall yield. Therefore, after leaving the fruit, pay attention to observing the growth of the tree and the fruit setting of the second fruit. Generally, after the second fruit is sitting, the head fruit can be removed, which will help control the growth of the plant.

Specific to a kind of vegetables, pepper vegetables can generally be left with peppers and peppers, and the peppers and peppers will be gradually removed when the size of the peppers grows to the size of the quail eggs; And on the eggplant, wait until the four-mother fighting eggplant when the eggplant and the eggplant are gradually removed, and the eggplant grafted with the old bud is growing relatively weak, and the eggplant and the eggplant can be directly removed; the tomato is most prosperous in the early stage. Long, so the first fruit must be left, but the amount of fruit should not be too large, generally two is appropriate; cucumber growth is also very prophase, the root melon should be left until the second melon to live long after Remove the finger when it is thin.

Under normal circumstances, the fruit of the early fruits of the vegetables is properly controlled and the plants are rarely grown. If it is accompanied by the regulation of temperature, fertilizer and water, the effect will be better. It is much better than chemical regulation when the plants are prosperous. Right now, it is the favorable opportunity to control the trees. The vegetable farmers, let's act quickly!

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