The study found that the global plague broke out in China for the first time in 2600 years.

Release date: 2010-11-04

According to a study on plague DNA, the first global plague epidemic occurred in China more than 2,600 years ago, and then flowed into Europe via Central Asia along the Silk Road.
Agence France-Presse reported on the 1st that an international team of scientists has genetically sequenced 12 groups of Yersinia pestis and established the gene family tree of pathogens. The French Museum of Natural History, which participated in the study, said, "The results of the study indicate that the plague appeared in China more than 2,600 years ago."
The study also pointed out that after the plague spread to Europe on the Silk Road more than 600 years ago, it is likely to flow into Africa with Zheng He's voyages to the West.
The study also said that according to molecular evidence, the plague was introduced from the United States to the United States via Hawaii in the late 19th century. It first arrived in California from the San Francisco and Los Angeles ports and then spread to the interior of the United States.
The French Museum of Natural History said at a news conference, "The study found a special variant of this bacterium that embodies the way in which germs evolve in specific geographic areas." "But it specifically shows this series of plagues. Both originated in Central Asia and China."
Wang Xin, a reporter from the World Wide Web, reported that the US media reported that according to a group of historians and biologists from many European countries, the plague black death that caused devastating blows to Europe three times and caused tens of millions of deaths. It was transmitted from China to the West via the Silk Road. This discovery has become a relatively new perspective in the interpretation of the mysterious history of the Black Death.
According to the US "New York Times" October 31 news, the European Black Death wave had a large-scale outbreak in 1347, 1665 and 1899. The biologists in the expert team used genetic tracking technology to find that the bacteria were actually from Yunnan and Hong Kong in China, and they spread through the Silk Road through rodents. The case of the Black Death that occurred in Africa in 1409 was probably due to the accidental carrying of infected animals in the fleet of Zheng He’s voyages to the Western Seas.
Professor Ritter, a pathologist in the expert team, said that although the plague came from China, it was not related to the Chinese population and city at the time. Because the Black Death germs are "not interested" in humans, they usually look for animals such as rats or groundhogs to infect them, so the first infected animals are likely to come from China. The Black Death will cause humans to infect and die, just an accident.
According to reports, the Black Death is one of the most serious plagues in human history. According to historical records, 75 million people worldwide died of this disease. In the Middle Ages, the Black Death even took the lives of one-third of Europe's population. Dr. Ackerman from Germany said that this discovery was "exciting" because they could finally recover the path of the plague through modern technology.

Source: Global Times

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