Feeding and feeding skills

Feed feeding is an important measure for scientific pig raising. It has the advantages of labor saving, labor saving, fuel saving, waste reduction, etc., while avoiding the destruction of nutrients such as vitamins and proteins, and producing nitrite toxic substances, etc. The nutrition of the feed is preserved, which facilitates digestion and absorption.

First, the green fine feed mixed feeding method.

Green fodder commonly used are sweet potato, green grass, cabbage leaves and so on. First wash it with water and cut it into 3 cm lengths. The green dry material should be soaked in water for 6 hours. When feeding, the green feed is added to the concentrate with a small amount of water in a certain proportion, so that the powdered fine material adheres to the surface of the green feed, and the dry humidity should be in the form of water but not dripping. No need to cook, feed directly. Can also be first after the Qing Jing, with green feed after feeding half full, and then feed enough concentrate.

Second, with (mixed) material feed.

It is best to use the (mixed) compound pigs to feed dry materials and allow them to drink freely. Dry feed can stimulate the secretion of digestive juice, which is conducive to digestion and increase appetite. It is also possible to feed water in proportion to water, and the ratio of feed water to water in summer and autumn is 1:1. The mixture is soaked in water for 3% of 26mdash; it can be fed in 4 hours, and after finishing the meal, it can soak the next feed. However, the ripening of beans and potato materials is conducive to digestion. When the clinker is used to feed raw materials, some pigs may not be able to adapt at the beginning and they must gradually transition. Raw material can be added to the clinker and gradually increase the proportion of raw material. After one week, the raw material completely replaces the clinker, so we must stick to it. Care should be taken not to feed half-cooked feed to avoid indigestion and poisoning. In addition, pay attention to regular deworming when raw materials are fed, and every 2% 26mdash before and after raw meal feeding; 3 months for veterinary use of refined trichlorfon tablets, 1 tablet per 5kg body weight (0.5g per tablet) ) The dose is dewormed once.

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