Rice Sheath Blight Control

Rice sheath blight is one of the main diseases in rice production in our county. It mainly damages the leaves and leaf sheaths. Gray-green and water-spotted lesions appear on leaf sheaths near the water surface, and irregular striae lesions gradually form. After the rice plant is victimized, it will lead to an increase in the empty rate and a decrease in the grain weight. When the damage is severe, it will cause lodging or even white panicles, which will have a greater impact on rice yield.
According to the county plant protection station on July 8th - 9th, 50 plots were surveyed in the three townships of Zilu, Zhangjiao, and Zhuzi, the sick field rate was 12%, and the average disease cluster rate of general plots was between 8% and 20%. The diseased plants ranged from 2.5% to 7.8%, the highest field disease cluster rate was 30%, the diseased plant rate was 10.2%, and the early rice was heavier than late rice. According to the meteorological department's forecast, in the middle and late July, the rainfall in my county was too high, and the rice withered The rapid expansion of the disease is beneficial. We hope that the majority of farmers will step up prevention and treatment.
3. Fields of prevention and control: partial application of nitrogen fertilizer, long-term deep irrigation and poor field drying.
Control indicators: disease rate 10%
Control methods: Mu with 12.5% ​​diniconazole WP 50 grams or 5% Jinggangmycin water 200 ml water 50 kg spray, focus on spraying rice paddy base, 12 hours rain spray, severely affected field Apply it once every 5-7 days before the first application. The spraying time should be selected after the dew is dry on the sunny morning till after 10 o'clock in the afternoon and after 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

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