How to Identify and Prevent Jujube Anthracnose

(1) Symptoms: The jujube anthracnose mainly damages the fruit and can also harm the jujube hanging, jujube leaf and jujube head. After the fruit became infected, the coloration was early, and the shoulders of the fruit became pale yellow, with water-stained spots, gradually expanding into irregular yellow-brown patches, and with round sag lesions in the middle, the lesions expanded into pieces, reddish-brown, and easy to drop fruit. In wet weather, the diseased part produces yellow-brown, grainy fruit bodies. After the fruits are dried, only the date kernels and dates are left. In other affected parts, the symptoms are not obvious. (2) Incidence regularity: jujube, anthracnose, pathogenic bacteria overwintered in jujube crane, jujube head, jujube stock, and stagnation fruit. In the rainy season of July and mid-July, the spores began to grow on jujube cranes and spread to infect the host tissue of the year; In August, it was the epidemic period, resulting in a large number of fruit drop and rotten fruit. The tree vigor is weak, and the incidence of heavy rain in July-August is heavy. (3) Control measures: 1 Disinfection source. In winter, remove the remaining overhanging winter date cranes, combined with fertilization, burial of landing hanging date, jujube leaves, combined with pruning, cutting off the diseased branches, and cutting down the diseased trees, all can eliminate the source of overwintering bacteria. Strengthen management, increase tree vigor, and improve the resistance of the tree. 2 chemical control: spray 1:2:200 Bordeaux mixture 3 to 4 times before the rainy season, the effect is good.

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