We are the professional manufacturer that specialized in deep processing of goji products such as Goji juice / Goji juice concentrate / Dried goji berries/Goji powder.
The raw materials of Qixiangchun Goji Juice & Concentrate which are selected from our GAP standard Goji Farm in Zhongning County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. After cleaning, leaching, pre disinfection, crushing, grinding, anti-oxidation treatment, sterilization, aseptic filing, QIXIANGCHUN goji juice is got, it maintains all natural nutrition in maximum, and widely used as raw materials of pure juice, mix juices, health food, functional beverages etc.



Brix:≥13%(raw juice)

Birx:≥36%(concentrated juice)

Shelf life:18 months 

Storage:5 - 8°c for 18 months 
Minimum order quantity:0.5 ton

Harvest season:Pick fresh goji from 10th june to the end of july in summer.Also from 15th september.To the end of oct in autumn.

Package:200kgs in aseptic bag with inner liner bag in steel drum.

Specification of Goji BerryJuice 
Product description Goji Berry Juice
Appearance Orange color exquisite pulp, no seed and peel, no foreign impurity
Physics & Chemical
Brix(%)           ≥13.0
Titratable Acidity(g/100g as Citric Acid) ≤0.8
PH 3.5 - 4.5
TPC(cfu/ml) ≤100
Yeast (cfu/ml) ≤20
Mould (cfu/ml) ≤20
Coliform(MPN/100ml) ≤3
Pathogen(cfu/ml) ND
Additive 0.20% Citric acid and 0.20% Vitamin C for protecting color
Note No any preservative
Package 200kgs in removable head steel drum with Aseptic bag
Storage 5 - 8°C for 18 months
Harvest season Pick fresh Goji Berry from 10th June to the end of July in Summer. Also from 15th September to the end of October in Autumn.


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