Precautions in the operation of greenhouse tillers

1. When crossing the gutters or fields, use the pedals: To enter the paddy field, through the gutter, or through a soft place, you must use the pedal to move at the lowest speed. The pedal width, strength, length should be suitable for this machine. On the pedals, do not operate the steering handle, the main clutch handle, and the main gearshift lever; otherwise, it will slip or trip and cause an accident; 2. Do not rush forward, stop, turn, and accelerate: Slowly start and stop Machine, the speed is slowest when turning. In the downhill or uneven place, try to reduce the speed, otherwise it will cause damage to machinery and accidents; 3, should pay attention to the shoulder when driving: there is a ditch or both sides of the farm road slope, pay attention to the shoulder. Otherwise, there will be an accident that falls; 4. When you are moving, you cannot rotate the rotary tiller, and do not start the operating machine: When using the rotary tiller, when the main engine moves, the rotary tiller cannot be rotated; otherwise, it will be rotated. Involve the knife and cause an accident. 5. The road that runs softly and crosswise should be running at a low speed: on a downhill road or on roads with multiple bumps and cross grooves, it must move at a low speed. Otherwise, tripping or falling accidents may occur. 6. Do not look away or let go of your eyes. In your homework, you must focus your attention and prohibit your eyes from looking elsewhere or letting go. Otherwise, an injury accident may occur. 7. When the engine is not running, the hands and feet cannot reach under the rotavator (worker): Please do not put your feet or hands under the rotavator or under the work machine. Otherwise, personal injury may occur. 8, indoor work should pay great attention to ventilation work: the greenhouse inside the home work, we must pay attention to exhaust and ventilation, especially in winter, should be given full attention. Otherwise, the discharged exhaust gas is harmful or even harmful to the human body. 9. It is forbidden to stand behind the rotary cultivator for backward operation. Since the claw of the rotary cultivator rotates in front of the operator, people may be deterred when performing reverse operations. Between the obstacle and the management machine, there is an accident that the person is involved in the rotary cultivator. Therefore, it is forbidden to carry out the operation backwards. 10. The person or the animal is not to be approached: In the operation, the person or the animal should not be near, especially Children can not be approached, otherwise, unpredictable accidents may occur; 11, pay attention to sudden advances occur when using a rotary tiller or semi-axle work attention to rush (or rush) rotary rotavator hit a solid ground or Stones will bouncing with the tide. Please note this kind of rush (or rush). In particular, when there is a river ditch, cliff, or person, personal accidents or fall may occur. 12. When the vehicle is receding, the rotary cultivator stops rotating: During the operation of the rotary cultivator, when it is retreated, it is necessary to stop the rotation. Otherwise, it will be involved in the rotation of the claws, personal injury accidents; 13, the engine starts, confirm the surrounding situation: the engine starts, the joystick position and the surrounding safety should be carefully confirmed; 14, remove dirt, claws on When weeding, stop the engine: In use, if the dirt on the machine and the weeds on the claw must be removed, the engine should be stopped; otherwise, an injury accident will occur; 15. Tilting operation, disable steering handle: When working on an incline, in order to prevent the machine from tripping, the wheelbase must be widened. When the direction is changed, the steering handle cannot be used and the handrail is used to operate. Otherwise, it will cause tripping and injury accidents. 16. The armrest is turned in the opposite direction. Left and right steering handles, to be switched: This machine is equipped with a steering conversion device, when the armrest is turned to the opposite position must operate the steering device, switch the handle, in order to achieve the original memory habits of the operator to make a turn.

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