Goat Summer Management Three Points

1, do a good job insecticide bath In mid-May, ewes generally lambs end, the new anthelmintic afuding (worm Buster) can be used to drive off the body of nematodes and in vitro fleas, ticks, lice, fly maggots and other parasites. Dosage: 50 kg body weight using a Fordin 1 sachet (5 g), feeding can be mixed feed. The administration was repeated once every 7 to 10 days, and no medicated bath was performed after the two insects were repelled. Lambs born in the spring can be dewormed in the fall, and they must strictly control the dosage. 2, do a good job summer grazing summer hot weather, the sheep love gathering, not enough to eat. Go back early in the morning, go late in the afternoon, and rest at noon. Morning grazing time can be based on the size of the dew. The dew is larger, and the grazing time may be later. Due to parasitic parasites on Dew-grass, it is easy for sheep to infect parasites after eating, and it is prone to bloating when sheep eat Dew-grass. Usually the sky just emerged from the pasture. Before about 10 o'clock in the morning, the sheep were put to the harvest. Grazing at around 2pm and collecting at 7pm. From 11 noon to 2 p.m. Before the noon, put the grassland with poor grass quality on the sunny slopes, and lay grass with good grass quality in the afternoon. In sunny and hot days, choose high-drying, ventilation, or grazing in places with trees, to avoid crowding of the sheep and mosquito harassment. Rainy days should be grazing in flat areas. Before and after the evening, we must choose grassy and tender grazing land, adopt the method of starry grazing, and repeatedly drive the flock to allow the sheep to eat more and more times. Every day before going to herd, it is necessary to make up salt and drink water so that the sheep can climb mountainously and powerfully. Drinking water for 4 to 6 times a day is necessary to drink clean long-flowing water or well water, and cannot drink dirty water and stagnant water to prevent the infection of parasites. Do not let the sheep squat in the damp loach to prevent rheumatism. Graze in the rain on a rainy day to prevent the face from being hit by rain. After the rain, place the sheep on the hillside and adopt the method of starry grazing. Let the wind blow the wool as soon as possible to prevent illness. When the thunder and lightning strikes, the sheep is not grazing on steep slopes, preventing sheep from fearing that thunder and lightning will fall from a steep slope and cause casualties. 3. Grasping the dried sheep The purpose of drying the sheep is to rush the sheep to a shaded place outside the circle to allow the sheep to dissipate heat and keep the sheep healthy. Immediately after the harvest, the sheep are rushed into the circle. Because the sheep runs off the road, the sheep feels hot and the stomach is easily ill. Do not rush into the circle after the sheep are captured at noon at home. Let the sheep be cool in the shade. After harvesting at night, rush the flock to the yard until the middle of the night cools and then hurry into the circle, and let the sheep stay overnight in the open. In the morning before going pasturing, the sheep should be driven out of the ring to dry the sheep for 1 to 2 hours before going out. Starting from the beginning of summer, take a high sheep in the sheep pen. Lamb crickets are paved with plates and the ground is filled with dry soil to keep the rings clean, dry and ventilated. If the sheep is found to be lack of energy and does not like to eat grass, it will have blood and other symptoms, indicating that the sheep has been burned and wounded. It is necessary to dry the sheep overnight and treat the diseased sheep.

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