Vacuum-free superconducting radiator

Vacuum-free Superconducting Radiator-Energy Saving Superconductivity Heating and hot water heating is a traditional heating method, but plumbing has many disadvantages such as large energy consumption, slow heat transfer, multiple waste water, difficult maintenance, and short service life. To this end, the scientific community conducted a systematic study of a variety of heating methods, the transformation of space technology - heat pipe superconducting technology into a medium superconducting technology into the heating system, which is a breakthrough revolution in heating technology. At present, superconducting radiators are no longer a strange concept. With the development of superconducting heating technology, vacuum superconducting heating is avoided. The market for superconducting radiators is getting larger and larger, because the vacuum-free superconducting liquid is silent. Operation, but also when processing radiators without a vacuum pump vacuum can form a vacuum state, so vacuum-free superconducting radiator gradually replaced the vacuum superconducting radiator, many manufacturers and distributors entered this column.
The vacuum-free superconducting radiator is a new product developed on the basis of traditional radiators. The product is heated in the bottom of the radiator or directly added to the heating rod, and a small amount of superconducting liquid is injected into the inner cavity of the radiator. When the hot water passes through the connecting pipe at the bottom of the superconducting radiator or the heating rod heats, the superconducting liquid in the superconducting radiator is activated, and the vaporized high-temperature gas radiates heat outwards through the surface of the radiator to achieve heating. The vacuum-free superconducting radiator is an upgraded product of the vacuum superconducting radiator. The difference is that the vacuum superconducting radiator needs vacuum pump to extract the air in the radiator cavity, and the vacuum-free superconducting radiator is in the normal environment. , The use of hot-row method to form a vacuum, not only save the vacuum pump to vacuum the steps, but also solve the problem of after-sales maintenance difficult, if the radiator does not heat the situation, do not need to disassemble, but directly open the valve, exhaust You can. The use of this technology can be used to modify two types of products: plumbing series and electric heating series.
Plumbing series superconducting radiators are added with superconducting liquid in a strictly sealed state. When used, ordinary tap water is used in the pipelines. The heat source can be electric boilers, coal boilers, solar energy, etc. As long as the temperature of the water pipeline exceeds 30 degrees, the superconducting radiator In about two or three minutes it will reach about the same temperature. Traditional radiators take 30-50 minutes to reach. Calculated on a three-month basis in the winter, conventional radiators burn about 2 tons of coal, while superconducting radiators only need about 0.5 tons of coal, which is truly saving coal and saving money.
The electric superconducting radiator uses far-infrared heating pipe as the heat source, adopts highly efficient energy-saving heat transfer technology of superconducting liquid, and evaporates and dissipates heat through superconducting steam under vacuum state, so that the air in the heating space reaches the maximum under strong heat convection. Good heating effect. This technology uses far-infrared electric heating heat pipe to configure the system heat source. It has the characteristics of high electric heat conversion efficiency and strong heat dissipation bidirectional energy-saving features, more effective energy-saving products, microcomputer control, more humane, more convenient operation, arbitrary Adjust the room temperature, start and stop freely at any time, 400 watts to 800 watts to consume 0.2-0.4 kWh per hour, 500 watts to 1000 watts to consume 0.25-0.5 kWh per hour, use time and temperature to serve you It is safe, efficient and beautiful to use while plugged in. It is more than 50% energy-saving than ordinary electric heaters. It is the first choice for temporary heating.
Although we are all manufacturers of vacuum-free superconducting radiators, our strength and technology can be said to be the most ideal. We saw the prospect of vacuum-free superconducting radiators two years ago. We are ahead of the game in the market. Large-scale installation of production lines, to today we have achieved mass production, production costs are also greatly compressed, if you are a radiator manufacturer, has not introduced superconducting heating technology, our organization at the lowest price to teach you to avoid vacuum superconducting Heating technology, learning content includes the modification of ordinary radiators, configuration of superconducting liquids, application of superconducting liquids, and use of superconducting radiators; if you want to sell the finished products of our company, our company will not receive any initial fee. , We need to send you a direct price at a favorable price, to ensure your profit margins, welcomed the distribution agents to our company inspection!

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