Investigation on Current Status of Boer Goat Breeding and Analysis of Raising Sheep Technology

Recently, the author received a lot of telephone calls from sheep farmers in Zhejiang and asked about the breeding of Boer goats in Zhejiang. Among these calls, the customers in Wenzhou, Jinhua, Lishui, and Yiwu in Zhejiang Province have the most customers. Through the customer's phone, the author found that the Boer goat breeding industry in Zhejiang still has a relatively large development prospect. On the one hand, it shows that the demand for lamb meat in Zhejiang is relatively large. On the other hand, it shows that the Zhejiang region has very good sheep-raising resources. The Zhejiang area can rely on abundant grassland resources to breed Boer goats, so that sheep feed is relatively cheap, which saves the cost of raising sheep. In addition, Zhejiang's Boer goats have a large market demand. People have higher consumption levels. The price of mutton is higher. The price of Boer goats can go up. The low cost of feed, coupled with the higher price of boer goats, waves The breeding efficiency of goat farmers will certainly be high. Based on the above analysis, we can conclude that the prospects for Zhejiang-breeded Boer goats are very broad, and the efficiency of raising sheep will be very high. The efficiency of Zhejiang Boer goat breeding is very high. If we want to obtain higher aquaculture benefits, we also need certain breeding techniques. The following boer goat breeding techniques will be introduced to the majority of sheep farmers:

1. Introduction Techniques The core technology for the success of Boer goat breeding is introduction. The quality of Boer goats' introductions determines the level of aquaculture benefits. If the quality of Boer goats introduced by our farmers is low and breeding efficiency is low, can Boer goat farmers benefit more? The answer is definitely not to obtain higher aquaculture benefits. Boer goats should be introduced to formal farms. The introduction of Boer goats should be physically robust and the skeleton should be large. This way, the introduced Boer goats can breed the good next generation.
2. Health and epidemic prevention Boer goats are all over the world. They have adaptability and disease resistance. There are no outstanding diseases. However, due to fast food intake and large appetite, attention should be paid to the comprehensive prevention of bulging disease when grazing on legume grass rich pastures. In the rainy areas, “Yanlou” can be built to prevent the occurrence of dampness and foot rot disease. According to Guo Zheng’s “Comprehensive Prevention Techniques for Goat Diseases,” the immunization against infectious aphthosis is performed, ie, the infectious aphthous vaccine is used for breeding. Male and female ewes are immunized [3]. If they can re-immunize their lambs after 2 months of age and consolidate their immunity, after several years of hard work, they can control the occurrence and prevalence of contagious aphthae. The monitoring of epidemic disease after the sheep enters the site provides regular clinical monitoring of bluetongue disease and foot-and-mouth disease, and regular serological monitoring of brucellosis.

2.1 Establish an immune prevention system, procedural immunization, and regular immunizations.
2.2 Anthrax seedlings for use in goats in April and November each for prevention injection
2.3 Clostridial multi-joint vaccines were used for the prevention of four injections of sheep epidemic disease, sheep lice, sheep enterocytosis and lamb dysentery in May and November.
2.4 sheep pyogenic dermatitis seedlings pregnant ewes prenatal injection one month, lambs 2 to 3 months of age to strengthen immunity.
2.5 Infectious pleuropneumoniae vaccine In April, goat infectious pleuropneumoniae vaccine was used for immunization.
2.6 Foot-and-mouth disease O-type vaccine is injected once every four months.
2.7 Hygiene measures for health care Attention shall be given to rodents and mosquitoes, and the feeding troughs, playgrounds, drinking troughs, and sheds should be kept clean and sanitized. A small disinfection once a month and around the toilet, the second large disinfection every year.

The above points were made by the Boer goat breeders in Zhejiang area. The author can conclude that the raising efficiency of Yangyang households will surely be very high. The author wishes the goat breeders all over the country to be able to raise their sheep! Author: Phone

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