How to control the sow's infertility

There are many reasons why pregnant sows do not become pregnant:

First, the sows are too thin. Because of the lack of nutrition during the pregnancy or lactation of the sows, plus the number of litters of the sows, the weight loss of the sows after weaning is greater, so they are not estrus.

Second, sows are over-fat, sows have strong appetite, fast weight gain, plus unlimited feeding, so the sows are over-fat, eggs and other reproductive organs are surrounded by many fats, sows reduce or do not ovulate, appear mother Pigs are often infertile or estrus.

Third, the sow's genital inflammation or underdevelopment and abnormalities will make the sows infertile.

Fourth, sows suffer from infectious diseases such as Breeding Respiratory Disorder Syndrome, chronic swine fever and so on.

Fifth, sows suffer from endometritis, so that sows are not estrus, not pregnant, easy to abortion.

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