Fruit tree moisture control

Dipping the water before planting is followed by planting drowning. With potassium dihydrogen phosphate 0.1 kilograms, fine clay 7.5 kilograms, 7.5 kilograms of fresh water mix into a thin paste, roots planted after 5 minutes; field purchase seedlings dip root water.

When the seedlings are planted in the lower pit when planting, they shall be filled with glass water bottles or canned bottles, filled with eight clean water, and a large root of the seedlings shall be inserted into the water, and the sealed bottle mouth shall be buried with the soil.

Three times after planting, water was planted and water was planted in a timely manner. The survival rate of watering on the day of planting was 98%. The survival rate of irrigation on the second day was 60%. The survival rate of irrigation on the third day was only 47%. The budding water was re-emerged after germination.

Fried Series

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