Pesticide should be added when applying pesticides

We all know that when people are ill, they need not only to take injections but also to supplement their diets, such as taking a shot of glucose, vitamins or amino acids, or eating health products. This is because when a person is sick, the balance of his body is damaged and his ability to resist falls. Nutrition supplements make the body recover as soon as possible. At the same time, some drugs have certain toxic and side effects on the human body. When they kill the virus, they also cause some harm to the human body. They need to replenish nutrients to regulate metabolic balance and improve the body's resistance to disease... Crop growth, metabolism, and The nutritional requirements are the same as those of the human body. When pests, pathogens, and adverse environmental stresses are encountered, the balance of metabolism in the crops will be broken and the ability to resist stress (bacteria, pests, cockroaches, etc.) will decline accordingly; At the same time as the insecticide is sterilized, certain components of the pesticide, such as auxiliaries, will also have an adverse effect on the crop. All of these indicate that the plant needs nutritional supplements such as n, p, k, trace elements, amino acids, etc. It is used to supplement nutrient substances (integrated with Chinese and Western medicines) that plants lack due to pests and diseases, regulate plant metabolic balance, increase resistance, and restore vitality and healthy growth as soon as possible. Penshibao Foliar Fertilizer is a series of development based on different nutritional requirements of crops. The eco-friendly foliar fertilizer with complementary nutrition and regulation of metabolic balance is like using vitamins when you are sick. Glucose, amino acids, na+, k+, etc. can provide energy to humans and regulate the metabolic balance of the human body. When pesticides are used, the appropriate addition of Pensiuye foliar fertilizer can timely supplement crops with nutrients to regulate metabolic balance in vivo and eliminate pesticides. The damage will increase the crop's resilience, allowing the crop to recover quickly and grow healthily. At the same time, Penshibao is low in price and high in efficiency, with an input-output ratio of 1:20 or more. Therefore, it is very cost-effective and effective to add Penshibao when using pesticides.

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