High-yield and high-efficiency cultivation method for greenhouse celery

Greenhouse celery is a cultivation project with strong adaptability, simple technical operation, high yield, good efficiency, and convenience for large-scale promotion. There are 350 hectares of celery in Hujia Town, Heishan County, which has basically formed the greenhouse celery development belt formerly known as Heicun. The village’s celery is famous and it has been produced on a scale for more than 10 years. The village has a cultivation area of ​​40 hectares and a total output of 9 million kilograms. The net income per mu is about 1300 yuan, and the products are sold to the three northeastern provinces and Inner Mongolia and other places. According to the vast number of farmers in the cultivation experience over the years, combined with the actual situation of the local summary of greenhouse cultivation of celery, high yield and high efficiency five methods. First, nurture strong seedlings, and lay a good foundation for high-yielding celery seedlings in early July. The selected varieties are mainly solid celery in Tianjin, and sowing methods are used for flat vine graters. Generally, pods are 5 meters long and 1 meter wide. Before the dumplings are combined with deep-sloped soil preparation, 30 kg of mature farmyard fertilizer is used for each planting, 65 kg of diammonium phosphate, and 50 grams of seed for each planting area. After planting, shade and moisture management should be done to facilitate seedlings and keep the surface wet. After the emergence of seedlings to maintain wet see the extent seen. After the heavy rain, timely drainage, to prevent the area of ​​the water dead seedlings, seedlings 2-3 leaf stage l-2 times thin seedlings, seedling distance 2-3 cm, seedling age 50 60 days, plant height 15-20 cm, 6- 7 true leaves, stem base diameter of about 0.5 cm, to achieve strong seedling standards. Second, rational close planting, cultivation of robust plants Greenhouse celery is mainly based on the group's increase in production, rational close planting is the key to increase production. The cultivation of a healthy single plant and coordination of the relationship between groups and individuals can give full play to the group's increase in production. The celery colonization time was in early September, and the film was slammed in the middle and early October. The planting rate was set at 6×1 m and the planting density was 7×10 cm. In the cultivation of robust plants, secondary seedlings are mainly adopted. Each seedling time is about 15 days. The first time the seedlings were released to the shed film 7 days after the easing seedlings, and the greenhouse film was shed in the greenhouse for the second time. Since climatic conditions at this stage are very conducive to the growth of celery, in order to prevent leggy, seedlings must be taken to control the promotion of root growth and stem base thickening. The first time the seedlings were controlled mainly by water, generally pouring water once every 7 days or so, and maintaining the level of wetness seen on the surface without cracking. The second time the seedlings were controlled mainly by temperature, supplemented by water control. Doing a good job in ventilation and temperature reduction in the initial period of the shed film, especially prohibiting the temperature in the penthouse in the middle of the night to be too high. It is generally 18°C-20°C during the day and 12°C-15°C at night. Through the seedlings, the diameter of the base of the plant reached 1.5 cm, and a high-yielding skeleton was established. Third, re-application of base fertilizer, the implementation of full-price fertilizer to increase base fertilizer, fertility and soil, improve soil physical and chemical properties, is the celery for many years to obtain high yield of the main measures. Prior to planting, the combination of deep-trimmed soil preparation and per-mu decomposing chicken manure, pig manure and other high-quality farmhouse fertilizers of 10 cubic meters, 50 kg of diammonium phosphate and 25 kg of potassium sulfate. After 15 days of easing, the top dressing is usually combined with irrigation for 1 time. It is advisable that the varieties be alternately or mixedly applied with nitrogen and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. Apply 25 kg of urea or 20 kg of ferric phosphate and 10 kg of potassium sulfate per mu, such as applying high-efficiency compound fertilizer with 40-50 kg per mu, and combining with disease prevention and extermination for extra-root fertilizer application. Po, love more, Yunda 120, borax, etc. mainly. So that celery throughout the growth process to meet the needs of a variety of nutrients to increase production and enhance quality. Fourth, adjust the temperature and light, to create a suitable growth environment Celery is a cold-resistant vegetables, but in the case of low temperature and long days, through the photoperiod and convulsions, so to strengthen light and temperature management is extremely important. The winter production and management of greenhouse celery should adopt early dismantling grasshoppers and late grass cover, and clean the film surface in time, so as to facilitate warming and insulation, steal light and increase light transmittance. White Heaven's temperature is maintained at 15°C-25°C, nighttime is 10°C-15°C, minimum is not lower than 5°C. After warming weather in spring in March, the indoor temperature and lighting time should be appropriately controlled, ventilation and cooling should be adopted, and grasshoppers should be dismantled properly and covered with grasshoppers as soon as possible to artificially increase membrane attachments and control the time and intensity of illumination. Baida temperature control in 18 °C -20 °C, the maximum does not exceed 25 °C, when the temperature reached 23 °C should be released to cool, promote vegetative growth, control reproductive growth, delay the time of convulsions, and extend the harvest period. Fifth, comprehensive prevention and control of diseases and insect pests Celery pests are mainly locusts, cabbage worms, etc., can be used 40% Dimethoate EC 800 times, speed killing Ding 1500 times liquid spray, early prevention and treatment. The main diseases of celery are leaf spot, leaf spot and soft rot. In prevention and treatment, prevention is the main method, scientific irrigation, attention to moisture, medication before the onset or when there are sporadic lesions. Focus on the period of nursery, colonization to the film before the film, the film to the initial harvest period and spring weather in the middle and late stages of the four major stages of disease prevention work. The agents used are mainly 75% chlorothalonil 600 times, 50% mancozeb 600 times, and 77% can kill 400 times spray. It is usually sprayed every 7 days. It is better to use 3-4 agents alternately to avoid drug resistance. When the disease is serious, it is mixed with dust and aerosol. Generally, the development of the disease can be controlled 2-3 times. At the same time pay attention to ventilation, humidity, cooling, complete removal of diseased plants, sick leaves and other management, you can receive more effective results.

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