Standardized planting management technology for grapes

First, prepare before planting. (1) Digging planting ditch. Planting trenches by row spacing, depth and width are each 60-80 cm, open topsoil and subsoil, dig a layer of 10-15 cm thick organic matter (such as wheat straw, rice straw, etc.) at the bottom of the trench, and mix with the soil. Then fill in the subsoil 10-15 cm thick, put a layer of 5-10 cm thick fertilizing soil containing manure, cake fertilizer and other organic fertilizers, and then fill in the topsoil and drench the water. (2) Renovation and disinfection of seedlings. The grafted seedlings retained 3-4 full shoots in the scion, with 3-4 full shoots above the root neck of the root shoots, and the excessively long shoots should be trimmed properly. Roots were soaked with 50 mg/kg naphthalene acetic acid or 25 mg/kg hydrazine butyrate for 8-12 hours. The seedlings were sprayed with 5 degree lime sulfur for sterilization. Second, planting time. Grape seedlings can be grown from late November to late November and before the Ching Ming Festival. Green twig seedlings, which are cultivated using methods such as greenhouse and ground heating, can be planted after the Ching Ming Festival and until the middle or late June. Seedlings planted in late November and early December are planted in autumn, and planted in spring from February to the Ching Ming Festival. The first planting roots in autumn plants and the first planting in spring plants are better than those in spring planting. However, the disadvantage of autumn planting is that the soil has not weathered over the winter, and in order to avoid winter cold and winter drought, it is necessary to strengthen the rhizosphere soil and regular watering. Third, planting density. The determination of the planting density of grapes should take into account various factors such as breed characteristics, shelf type, climate factors, site conditions, and cultivation habits. Taking the double cross V-shaped frame as an example, the varieties with weak growth potential such as Yafu Rosa, Jingya, etc., have a row spacing of 0.8-1m and 2.5m; the species with moderate growth are such as Sanyou No. 1, Gaoqi, and Vine. For example, the lines are 1.2-1.5 meters long and 2.5 meters long; the varieties with more vigorous growing potential such as Meirenzhi, Xinnongle, Weike, etc., have a spacing of 1.5-2 meters and 2.5 meters. In order to obtain early market yields or to exploit the market advantages of new varieties of grape fruits, early partial planting with thinning in early planting can be adopted. Fourth, planting methods. The planting hole was planted according to the planting distance and the width was determined according to the size of the root system. Choose sunny or cloudy planting. The autumn planting should be shallow and deeply buried, that is to say, the seedlings should stand upright in the hole, and the depth should be the depth when the original seedbed is used, so that the root system can be stretched and evenly distributed. When the soil is half filled, the seedlings are raised gently to make the root system closely contact with the soil. Fill soil and ground level, pour water thoroughly, then cover soil 20 centimeters thick, showing a bread-like shape. In the coming spring, the bandits will be opened to the root and neck. Planting in spring should be shallow shallow burial, is conducive to early root activity, such as the condition of available film cover insulation moisturizing.

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