How to choose a threshing machine scientifically

1. First check whether there are high-quality brand-name products in the purchased models. When selecting, you should start with the highest-winning products. The higher the winning products, the higher the quality.

2. Inspect the welding parts inside and outside the machine for details of whether there are open welding and weak parts, and whether the parts are deformed or broken.

3. Check whether the bolts of each connection part of the machine are installed properly, and whether the transmission wheel, tensioning wheel and each wheel end fixing nut and wheel key pin are installed intact and secure.

4. Rotate the threshing drum and other moving parts to check whether there is any stuck or collision phenomenon, whether the operation is stable and flexible, and whether there is abnormal noise in the bearing.

5. Check whether the anti-rust paint of all parts of the machine is even and smooth, with or without peeling and severe scratching, and whether the parts are rusted due to the low quality of the paint.

6. Open the random manual, open the accessory box, and carefully verify that the random accessories are complete and in good condition. If there is any problem, you should promptly declare to the sales unit.

7. After the threshing machine is bought back, it must be tested and tested first, and then officially put into operation. When conducting trial operation and test stripping, the working conditions of each part should be carefully observed. If the problem is found, it should be stopped and checked in time. If it is a product quality problem, it should be contacted by the sales unit to the production factory. If repaired, the quality still fails to meet the requirements. Replace or return. (Fei Song)

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