Technical measures to extend the useful life of dairy cows

Create a good production environment and create suitable conditions for high yield and stable production of dairy cows. Cowsheds and sports grounds must meet the physiological needs of cows. Cowhouses should be insulated in winter to prevent cold winds from invading; summer ventilation should be good, which will help prevent heatstroke and cool down. Keep the cowshed and playground clean and dry. Some cowsheds were reconstructed using old houses, and were poorly sanitationed. Dairy cows were kept in dark and moist cowsheds for a long time, and the playground became a “muddy” in the rainy season. Dairy cows raised in this environment produced the second. After the child's feet began to deform, high incidence of mastitis, estrus is not obvious, slow ovarian function recovery, malposition, prone to dystocia, detained tires, etc., some dairy cattle were eliminated after the fourth child. Therefore, the cattle farm must set up a sports ground, because the sun and exercise will help increase the health of dairy cows and increase the milk production level, which is also a key link in extending the useful life of dairy cows.

Scientific and reasonable feeding ensures moderate milk quality. With the abundance of agricultural products, the supply of concentrated feed for dairy cows is not a problem. However, dairy cows are dominated by foragers. Due to the lack of quality hay, the forage grasses are mainly based on silage corn. . Feeding acidic feeds for a long period of time, or increasing the amount of feed for intensive feeding, causes the metabolic disease of dairy cows to occur from time to time, which is the main reason for the declining year of use of dairy cows.

Scientific milking operations, control of mastitis at a minimum Milking equipment technical performance is not high, personnel operation is not skilled, equipment disinfection is not strict, did not follow the milking operation procedures, poor sanitation, barn, sports pond water, Accumulation of feces, milking operations are not standardized, etc. Mastitis is difficult to control, in particular, the high incidence of recessive mastitis, a direct impact on the level of production of dairy cows and the use of years.

Adopting standard breeding, delivery and other operations to control endometritis, placental insufficiency and other diseases caused by insemination, delivery and midwifery, and other operational errors or poor disinfection, poor sanitation, etc., cause youth cows infertility or habitual abortion, dairy cow production The level is low and the useful life is shortened.

Pay attention to safe production and reduce all kinds of accidental injury to a minimum. Every year when cattle farms are smooth on the ground, driven by cows or when they go up the trough, fall injuries and paralysis occur, causing cows to lose their lives and lose their value; some due to sewers and septics There is no cover in the pool, and when the cows fall into the water, they are drowned or paralyzed, especially calves and calves, which are prone to accidental injuries. Some cowshed wires are pulled in a hurry, and the lines are aged. The yak is pulling or milking carts. Electric leakage, electric injury to herds of cattle; some grazing or devouring of yak or cows to eat foreign substances, such as gastritis or pericarditis, leading to the death of cows.

Emphasis on epidemic prevention and quarantine, control of various diseases Every spring and autumn, quarantine of brucellosis and tuberculosis should be conducted twice. Diseased cattle should be found to be isolated and treated or eliminated in time so that early detection, early isolation, and early treatment can be achieved to prevent the spread of the epidemic. At the same time, prevention of severe infectious diseases should be carried out. Vaccination should be conducted in high-risk areas such as calves and foot-and-mouth disease. Usually pay attention to the monitoring of subclinical mastitis, ketosis, timely treatment, the elimination of disease caused by cows to a minimum.

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