Talk about the Application and Accumulation of Organic Fertilizers from the "Three-word Classics of Agricultural Techniques"

More than 30 years ago, the trilogy of agricultural technology was widely circulated in rural areas and played an important guiding role. Today, 30 years later, its guiding role cannot be ignored. Over the years, due to the appearance of chemical fertilizers, people have forgotten manure. However, the important role of manure in the trilogy of agriculture has been expressed in an appropriate and patient manner. “Farming on the ground is not equal to dung, which is equal to the mix.” The three-character agricultural wording is very good when it comes to the application of farmyard manure: “Cultivate crops, first put on manure, manure is enough, and the ground is strong. Horse manure is hot, cow dung is cold, application At the time, according to soil properties, cold pulp soil, squatting land, hot manure, the most favorable.Gang dry field, sand land, with cold manure, more suitable.Sand soil, hot places, on the pig manure, can also be. The poultry manure is used as a mouth excrement, a thin ground, and a full grain meal. Green manure, peat and manure, and sand and clay are used as a source of strength. Dung soil excrement is used to dry out the manure, which is more appropriate and suitable for plowing.” A few words explain what The kind of fertilizer is suitable for what kind of land. Horse manure is suitable for hot land and cow manure is suitable for sand. If the dry earthworms are excreted on sandy soil, the effects of agricultural fertilizers will not be fully exerted. Instead, drought-prone land will become more arid. What crops like what manure, three-character scripture also said very clearly: "The ground dung, pay attention to, sub-crops, look at the mouth. Golden rice, red sorghum, rooted deep, strong suction, human and animal dung, to be more, manure enough, It grows to be strong, grows millet, has enough dung, has a circle of dung, smashes holes in soil, and fertilizes more soil, collects more grains, and cleans it before harvesting grass, making it easy to remove grass. Soybeans, pig dung, phosphorous fertilizer, and more water, paddy field If you use it, the taste is not pure.” The three-character script of agricultural technology also told farmers that during the hanging season, Xia Futian did a good job of agricultural fertilizer production. "The hungry season is good, the weather is rainy, the weather is hot, the time is good, the fat source is high, and the surprise attack is made. The green manure is good, the quality is good, the soil is a layer of grass, and the grass is a layer of grass. The peat fertilizer has good fermentation and good fertilizer effect. It's better to engage in more. Dung heaps, mud seals, no loss, no deterioration. Human waste, ash, two kinds of fertilizers, don't mix them." The farmyard fertilizers can be produced either by surprise or all year long. In the past, the three-character theory of agricultural technology also said: "The plot has been fattened, it has been dried year after year, and it has been rejuvenated five times. Firewood ash, family homes, chickens and ducks, all households. Repair toilets, build up fat sources, dig out the bottom, and fat down the mountain. Sweep the streets, scrape the yard, smash the earth, clear the ditch. The three-character technique of agricultural technology is still a good textbook for farmers to learn in the production and application of farmyard fertilizers. It still has guiding significance in guiding farmers in scientific fertilization and harvesting agricultural harvests.

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