Fox has many advantages in cage feeding

In the cage breeding, when the fox is weaned, the fox is first taken away. After a week, two foxes of similar body size are placed in a cage, about 20 centimeters from both sides of the cage. A feeding port for feeding, under normal circumstances can always feed to the skin.

There are many advantages to this method of feeding and splitting two foxes in a cage. First of all, it can reduce the investment of foxes, reduce the floor space, and facilitate daily management.

Secondly, it can reduce the stress response of the fox weaning off the weaning fossa and make the fox pass through the weaning fossa successfully.

Third, because two foxes are kept in a cage, the loneliness of the fox is reduced, and the occurrence of self-bite can be effectively prevented.

Fourth, at the time of eating, the fox fights for food and can increase fox's feed intake and increase appetite.

When cage feeding and slot feeding, care should be taken that the size of the cage is appropriate. The size of the fox cage is determined according to the different species and shape of the fox. When the fox grows to an adult size, two foxes move freely in the cage. Crowding is appropriate.

Chinese Herbal Medicine (English name: Chinese herbal medicine): Chinese medicine is mainly composed of botanical medicine (root, stem, leaf, fruit), animal medicine (viscera, skin, bone, organs, etc.) and mineral medicine. Because botanical medicine accounts for the majority of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine is also called Chinese herbal medicine.

There are about 5,000 kinds of Chinese medicines used in various parts of China, and there are countless prescriptions made by combining various medicinal materials. After thousands of years of research, an independent science, Materia Medica, has been formed. Various medical schools in China have set up the course of natural medicine, which is called the Chinese herbal medicine.

The concept of plant extracts can be accepted and recognized by various countries, and it is also a common expression used to spread herbal medicines in various countries. The export value of plant extracts in China exceeded the export value of Chinese patent medicines as early as 1999. In European and American countries, plant extracts and their products (plant medicines or food supplements) have a broad market prospect, and have developed into an emerging industry with annual sales of nearly 8 billion US dollars.

The plant extracts in China are generally intermediate products, which are widely used, mainly used as raw materials or auxiliary materials for medicines, health foods, tobacco, cosmetics, etc. There are also many kinds of raw material plants used for extraction, and there are more than 300 plant varieties that are extracted industrially.



Chinese Herbal Medicine

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