Different lactating methods for females

In rabbit-raising practice, some female rabbits often encounter no milk or less milk after delivery. Some rabbit farmers use prolactin drugs indiscriminately when the cause is not identified. As a result, they not only cause milk, but sometimes cause rabbit illness and even death. Female lactation should be treated differently depending on the situation.

The first-born female lactation method produces maternal rabbits without milk or oligohydramnios, which are mostly caused by poor development of the lactation system or poor maternality, lack of prenatal feeding or feed nutrient deficiency, and insufficient supply. In addition to enhancing nutrition and adjusting feed structure, female rabbits that do not pull hair can be artificially assisted in pulling the light around the abdominal nipple to stimulate the mammary glands. You can also use lukewarm salt water to scrub the breast and massage 1 or 2 times to promote breast development and lactation. In addition, taking 7 to 8 peanuts, soaking in warm water for 1 to 2 hours, feeding the rabbits with the ingredients, and feeding them 2 to 3 times, the milk will increase significantly.

The maternal rabbit prolactin method produces maternal rabbits with less or no milk, which is caused by mastitis and other diseases. Should adjust the diet, reduce the amount of concentrate feed, feed more green and juicy feed. And take fresh dandelion, plantain and astragalus feeding rabbits, even feeding 2 to 4 days, both prolactin and anti-inflammatory disease prevention.

Obese female lactating female rabbits can also cause reduced lactation or lack of milk. Prolactin can be injected subcutaneously with 1 to 2 ml twice daily, and feed energy and protein levels are appropriately reduced.

Thin and weak female galactophore lean emaciated lactation after lactation is mainly due to malnutrition or other diseases. Should be fed with nutritious, high protein content of forage, while taking fresh medlar 1 ~ 2, open blisters to pale, chopped brown sugar fed rabbits, 1 or 2 times a day. It is also possible to pound the quail into the feed and feed the rabbit.

When more than 10 litters of lactating female rabbits are born, the milk is often difficult to meet the need of sucking. The pups can be divided into two groups according to the size of the individual and the strength of the body. The female rabbits can be breast-fed twice in a row. In the morning, the first group should be fed a small group (more milk at this time), and the group should be fed in the evening and fed a large body. In addition, puppies must feed in time after eating.

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