The Differentiation and Treatment of Infertility in Dairy Cows

Dairy cow infertility is one of the most important diseases in dairy farming. In the treatment of infertility in dairy cows, due to the application of western medicine, it is easy to cause drug-resistance, residues and other toxic and side effects. For this reason, according to the theory of Chinese veterinary medicine and the etiology and pathogenesis syndrome, the author divides inborn cow infertility into kidney deficiency and qi. Blood deficiency, liver qi stagnation, blood stasis, dampness, dampness, stasis, etc. 5 kinds of syndromes, prevention and treatment with Chinese herbs, and achieved good results. The authors treated 97 cows with infertility, including 24 cases of kidney deficiency, 30 cases of qi and blood deficiency, 4 cases of liver qi stagnation, 36 cases of blood stasis and dampness, 3 cases of dampness stasis, and 78 cases of cure. 80.41%), invalid 19 cases (19.56%). The introduction is as follows.

1 kidney infertility

1.1 Causes

More than due to lack of endowment, kidney weakness, early mating or frequent production, resulting in consumption of blood, kidney yang loss, Chong Ren Qi failure, cell dystrophy can not be inseminable pregnancy.

1.2 symptoms

Mental fatigue, weak limbs, low sexual desire, delayed or indeterminate estrus, short period of affect, or estrus performance, but refused to breed, do not see vagina discharge, urine clear, thin white tongue coating and lubrication, pulse thin or late. Rectal examination: The uterus is smaller than normal and the ovarian development is poor.

1.3 Treatment

Expelling Bugan Yishen, conditioning Chong Ren. Addition of Wenshen Pills: Hawthorn Meat, Amethyst, Rehmannia 100 g each, Calcined Keel, Caledin Oyster, Psoralen 60g, Poria, Angelica, Fried Yam, Dodder, Cnidium, Aphrodisiac, Aconite 20g of cinnamon. The total research and go-between, with 6 pig kidney (chopped) Jianzhi, at the end of the medicine, 3 times filling, 2 times / day.

1.4 Cases

example 1

One of the cows with 4 times of the first batch of cows was not regularly exposed to heat after 3 times of mating. Rectal examination: the uterus is soft and small, the ovary is still, and the sensation is depressed, mental fatigue, chills, fecal spasm, urine clearness, hindquarters instability during walking, pale mouth, slippery tongue coating, and fine pulse. The card is infertility kidney, the top of the rule, use 2 doses, then estrus, mating 2 times pregnant.

2 Insufficiency of qi and blood deficiency

2.1 Causes

Occurs frequently in high-producing dairy cows or poor nutrition, debilitating fertility, lack of yin and blood, resulting in emptiness and inability to take fine.

2.2 Symptoms

The body is weak, the god is tired, the emotional period is delayed or not estrus, the vagina discharges turbid white secretions, the tongue is pale, and the pulse is fine. Rectal examination: The ovary is small and the follicular development is not obvious. The body is weak and the body is weak.

2.3 Treatment

Expelling qi nourishing, adjusting liver and kidney. The side is added and subtracted with Taishan Lanshi Powder: Codonopsis pilosula, Radix Astragali, Angelica, Chinese yam, Dipsacus each 100 g, Radix Astragali, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Radix Paeoniae Alba 90g, Rehmannia, Atractylodes macrocephala, Amomum villosum, Cuscuta, Amethyst, Antler frost, Eucommia ulmoides, Mulberry , Licorice each 20 g. The joint research is fine, divided into 3 times, 2 times a day.

2.4 Cases

Example 2

One of Liang's cows did not show any obvious heat for 8 consecutive months. Rectal examination: the uterus shrinks, the ovary is still, the sensation is inferior, the walking is weak, there is a small amount of white secretions in the vagina, the mouth color is pale, the tongue coating is thin white, the pulse is late, the card is a blood deficiency infertility. The upper part of the treatment is used to get antler cream, and even after serving 3 doses, the estrus occurs on the 5th day and mating 2 times.

3 liver qi stagnation infertility

3.1 Causes

Frightening or beatings, feeding methods and feed mutations (mainly based on grazing and sheltering), resulting in liver-qi stagnation, spasmodic disorders, blood loss, and Chong Ren does not regulate pregnancy. 3.2 Symptoms

Movement is easily frightened, static is mental depression, emotional uncertainty, sometimes vaginal discharge a small amount of light yellow discharge, prone to gastrointestinal hernia, reddish tongue, yellowish moss, pulse string. Rectal examination: Ovarian malformation.

3.3 Treatment

Expiratory Shugan Jieyu, spleen and nourishing blood. The side is treated with Kaiyuyanyu decoction: Angelica sinensis, fried white peony, fried Atractylodes, Poria, paeonol, systemic Xiangfu, Motherwort, and turmeric each 60g (Hernia plus green peel, Bupleurum, Amomum villosum, Woody 40 each g), decocted 3 times, combined liquid, sub-drainage 2 times early and late.

3.4 Cases

Example 3 A cow from a village of Zhuangcun was inoculated repeatedly with infertility. Chief Complaint: The cow is not good in temperament and has unstable appetite. Examination: Moderately lyrical, with a small amount of pale yellowish secretions in the vagina, reddish tongue, yellowish moss, and stringed veins. Rectal examination: the uterus is hard, ovarian development is still acceptable, the card is a liver qi stagnation infertility, governance with top to Amomum, plus Chuanxiong 60 g, used in conjunction with 3 doses, the second season of mating is pregnant.

4 Blood stasis and hot infertility

4.1 Causes

Postpartum uterine bleeding stagnated, no more than the placenta, lochia endless, cell vein blocked, so infertility.

4.2 Symptoms

From time to time there is a slight abdominal pain, sometimes accompanied by culprit, often vaginal discharge or bloody discharge, no significant difference in the estrus cycle and affection, red or red tongue, with blood spots, yellow or greasy fur, pulse Strings are astringent. Rectal examination: uterine wall thickening or uterine enlargement, tenderness or mass, bleeding blood cohesion, meridians blocked, poor blood, so see abdominal pain and nuisance.

4.3 Treatment

Expelling blood circulation, qi and dehumidification. First use Shaofu Zhuyu decoction: Angelica, red peony root, raw Puhuang, fried Wulingzhi, Yuanhu, Celosia, Motherwort, Lulutong, Atractylodes each 60g, fried Astragalus, myrrh, cumin each 30 g (Heavy weight plus aconite, ginger, cinnamon, 20g each), decoction 3 times, sub-drainage morning and evening. After the blood has been drained off, switch to white herbs to make conditioning.

4.4 Cases

Example 4

A dairy cow was seen at a dairy farm in Dongguan. Chief complaint: After the third pregnancy 5 months after the miscarriage, the feelings are basically normal, the vagina often discharge bloody secretions, repeated with infertility. Check: Moderate sensation, reddish tongue, yellowish moss, astringent pulse. Rectal examination: swelling of the right uterus, tenderness, ovarian development is still acceptable, diagnosed with blood stasis and heat infertility. Treatment with cumin over the top, fried yellow peony, 3 doses after the conversion into the Bai Shu San (a prescription) 3, the second affection of pregnancy.

5 Infertility caused by dampness

5.1 Causes

Long-term maintenance (insufficient exercise) or overfeeding of high-fat diets leads to obesity, endogenous phlegm, obstruction of uterine plexus, and obstruction of qi and infertility.

5.2 Symptoms

Body fat, prone, prolonged estrus, sometimes vaginal discharge a small amount of yellow-white discharge, greasy tongue, slippery pulse. Rectal examination: thick abdominal fat layer, uterine plexus, shrinking ovaries. Lipid Sheng is prone to phlegm, dampness, internal resistance, phlegm qi, uterine infertility, or yellow-white vaginal discharge, it is difficult to pregnant. Thick and greasy tongue coating, slippery pulse, but also for signs of dampness and depression.

5.3 Treatment

Expensive Huayu Tongmai, spleen dampness. The use of Qi Palace pill addition and subtraction: the system Pinellia, systemic Atractylodes, fried Atractylodes, Poria, kelp, seaweed, Angelica, Motherwort each 100g, system Xiang Fu, deer cream, dried tangerine peel, Chuanxiong, Polygala, fried Shenqu each 60g. The joint research is fine and it is fed 3 times (early morning and evening). If there is heavy heat and yellowish white waste, go to the top of kelp and seaweed, add 100 g of yellow peony and 150 g of cockscomb.

5.4 Cases

Example 5

Ma first came into the country to produce cows and he was given 4 infertility treatments. Check: Lyrical superior, mental depression, yellow urine, dung. Rectal examination: abdominal fat is thick, the uterus is small, ovarian dysplasia, the card is a dampness and depression resistance infertility. The upper part of the treatment was applied to khumbu, seaweed, and 100 grams of astragalus and cockscomb. Three doses were administered. The third condition was pregnancy.

6 Experience

The etiology and pathology of dairy cow infertility are complex, and they are treated with syndrome differentiation based on traditional Chinese medicine and veterinary theories. At the same time, the use of Chinese herbal medicines instead of antibiotics and other western medicines can effectively solve the toxic and side effects such as drug resistance and drug residues, and can more effectively ensure the safety and non-pollution effects of fresh milk and dairy products.

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