Luodian, Guizhou Province, an international leader in innovative fish dung cleaning system

On August 16th, the "mechanized fish and manure collection system" jointly developed by Luodian Spark and Sichuan Tongwei Group's independent innovation passed the acceptance of international experts.

The formation of the reservoir area of ​​the Longtan Hydropower Station has created favorable conditions for the development of the fish breeding industry, which has led to an increase in the number of aquaculture farmers and an ever-increasing economic benefit.

In order to solve the pollution problems caused by cage culture and achieve ecological farming, Luodian Spark Aquatic Aquaculture Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Chengdu Tongwei Group Co., Ltd. have collected fish manure as a new research topic and have been at various levels of aquatic products since 2009. With the assistance of departments such as science, technology, agriculture, and animal husbandry, the research on fish manure collection technology of feeding cages was carried out, and its project won the leading domestic technological achievements.

The project integrated and innovated an eco-friendly aquaculture cage eco-culture system and fish manure collection system. The invention is characterized in that on the basis of collecting the fish manure by the collection system, a plurality of cages are connected in parallel by mechanical equipment, the fish manure is removed from the aquaculture water body, and then the manure is separated to obtain the reusable fish manure. The mechanized collection of fish manure was realized throughout the entire process, which greatly reduced the pollution of the water body by cage culture and enabled the entire fish manure collection process to be time-saving, labor-saving, safe, and convenient.

The appraisal committee unanimously agreed that the mechanized fish and manure collection system has advanced and rational design concepts. It has low investment, simple and practical facilities, convenient operation and management, safe and reliable operation, and good collection efficiency. The overall level has reached the international level.

Sichuan Tongwei Group Co., Ltd. and Luodian Spark Aquatic Aquaculture Co., Ltd. also held signing ceremonies for the Sino-U.S. cooperation project technical cooperation with Shanghai Ocean University, Huazhong Agricultural University, and the University of Michigan, USA. The phased development of the “Mechanized Fish and Manure Collection System” was conducted. The results are more complete. The picture on the right shows that the U.S. expert is viewing the operation of the system.

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