Jiangsu Yixing unified adjustment ** drug price increase rate

From this month onwards, the prices of medicines other than cheap medicines sold by major hospitals in the city will be uniformly adjusted to 15%, and a large number of medicines will be cut in price.

The rate of increase is the rate at which the hospital can increase its price on the basis of the winning bid price when the successful bidder enters the hospital. The size of the rate of increase directly determines the profitability of the drug. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Price Bureau, before the drugs on the market, according to the level of jurisdiction, the level of the price, the implementation of a different rate of increase, the pricing mechanism is relatively complex. Among them, the drugs that are priced by the National Development and Reform Commission are subject to a 15% increase rate; the drugs that are administered by the Jiangsu Provincial Price Bureau are divided into price levels; the price increase rate for winning bids at 10 yuan and below is 35%, and the rate of increase for 10.01-50 yuan is 25 %, the rate of increase of 50.01—100 yuan is 20%, the increase rate of 100.01—500 yuan is 15%, and the maximum increase amount of 500 yuan and above is no more than 75 yuan.

In accordance with the Notice on Adjusting the Rate of Increase in Drug Prices and Reducing the Retail Price of Certain Pharmaceutical Products, issued by the Provincial Price Bureau, non-profit medical institutions at or above the county level sell provincial-level pricing drugs and market-regulated price drugs other than cheap drugs. The rate of increase is unified at 15%. At the same time, the rate of increase in cheap drugs is still subject to the “Notice of the Provincial Price Bureau on Printing and Distributing the Administrative Measures for Jiangsu Province's Centralized Procurement of Drugs,” ie retail prices of RMB 5 or less, and retail prices are directly implemented; retail prices are 5.01–6.25. Yuan, plus 2.5 yuan on the purchase price; retail price 6.26-10 yuan, plus 40% on the purchase price; retail price 10.01-15 yuan, plus 4 yuan on the basis of the purchase price.

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal People’s Hospital that according to the new drug price increase rate regulations, the price of relevant drugs in the hospital has been fully adjusted. The Municipal Price Department stated that citizens can log on to the Municipal Price Bureau website to check the adjusted price of specific drugs. The department will also conduct inspections in the near future and penalties will be imposed for violations.

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