Letter on Soliciting Comments and Suggestions on Health Food Cosmetics Supervision and Management Work

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Since September 2008 when the State Food and Drug Administration began to perform the new functions of supervision and management of health food and cosmetics, with the support and cooperation of the relevant departments and units, they earnestly performed their duties, strictly examined and approved the review, strengthened supervision and management, and properly handled security incidents. , Health food and cosmetics supervision has achieved remarkable results. In order to further strengthen supervision of health food and cosmetics and advance government affairs, our company plans to convene a health food and cosmetics production and management enterprise symposium in mid-late and late October 2010 respectively to notify the supervisory situation and to listen to supervisory opinions and suggestions of supervisory work. We are now soliciting opinions from the social and health food and cosmetics production and operation enterprises. Please send feedback and suggestions to our Food Division before September 25, 2010.

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