Plum aging tree update pruning

Small renewal trees with weak branches, dead branches within the canopy, declining tree vigor, and reduced flowering volume should be meticulously cut to their internal branches, severe branches and branches, short branches, and short and thin upper branches. The proper retraction of the main branch of the recession causes the base to germinate and increase the number of flowering branches.

In the middle of the tree, the old ones with irreversible tree crowns, incompletely litter branches, few flowering branches, and severely recessed internal organs, should be trimmed and trimmed in addition to sparse clipping of dead branches and diseased shoots. Cut from strong branches, cut 1/5 to 1/4 of the length of the main branch, stimulate the basal bud to germinate, form lateral branches, and restore the crown. When the new shoot grows to a certain length, it is picked up, promotes branching, increases the amount of branches, and restores normal flowering.

Large tree renewal is severely debilitating, most shoots are dead, severely incomplete canopy, little flowering, and even flowering. This type of tree requires major surgery to perform major branch renewal. Severe aging should be sawed from the base, usually from 1/3 to 1/2 of the main branch of the saw, to stimulate the emergence of latent buds at the base of the trunk or main branch. After the new shoots are pumped, the shoots are set and the new main and lateral branches are cultivated to form a new canopy and reach the “old age”. Afterwards, topping the new shoots, promoting branching, increasing the amount of flowering shoots, and restoring their blooming flowers.

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