Grape buried in cold weather

1 Before spraying, protect the tree and insulate the whole tree from heat and freeze. Be sure to pay attention to the distance between the grapevines. Take separate soil cover for places where the spacing is closer, avoid damaging the roots while digging the soil, and reduce the cold resistance of the grape. force. At the same time, as much as possible artificially buried, do not use small excavators. The buried mound is strong and does not leak wind.

2 After the soil is buried, it must be inspected before the soil is completely frozen. Pay special attention to the northwest part of the mound. After the soil is scraped off, it is necessary to make up the soil in time to prevent the grape plants from being damaged by the thin soil layer during the cold weather. In addition, we should also pay attention to stocking sheep and other planers destroyed, found missing soil, fill at any time.

3 In some plain soil areas where the soil is relatively soft, due to the large amount of moisture when the soil is buried, in the cold weather environment, the mound will be cracked. At this time, it is necessary to promptly close the tightness. Otherwise, it is possible to freeze the buried plants. In addition, we should pay attention to such situations in the early spring, and we must not go to the ground prematurely.

Mask Machine

The equipment production line is mainly composed of a body machine and a lug welding unit. The body of the face mask is output by the machine. At the discharge port, the body piece of the face mask is transferred by the conveyor belt structure to the first face mask plate on the front of the ear belt machine. Subsequently, the ear belt of the face mask is fused by the ear belt machine to complete the production of a plane external ear belt face mask.

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