21 questions and answers about playing soy milk

Selected beans:

1. What is the optimal ratio of beans and water when soya milk is used?

A: According to the dietary guidelines, each person should ingest 30-50 grams of beans every day, remove the amount of tofu he eats each day, and use 10-20 grams of beans to beat the soybean milk. Generally, 400 grams of beans are used if 20 grams of beans are used. Ml of water.

2, mung beans, soybeans, red beans, black beans can be used to fight soy milk it?

A: Soybeans, black beans, beans with certain fats are called soymilk, and green beans and red beans are called red bean paste. The taste is not the same.

3, playing vegetables, fruit milk can you?

A: Not all vegetables and fruits can be added to soymilk. Soybean milk is precipitated with acid, and some acidic fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes are not suitable for adding to soymilk.

Bubble beans:

4. Does drying of beans affect absorption?

A: The reason why beans are soaked is mainly based on two considerations. The first is the taste, and the protein will absorb water more evenly and delicately. The second is that the anti-nutritional substances such as tannin and phytic acid in the beans will hinder the absorption of minerals. Soaking can dissolve these anti-nutrients. So for the average person, the beans still try to soak.

5, how long is it suitable for bubble bean?

Answer: It can be soaked for about 8 hours. According to different seasons, 6-9 hours in summer, 8-2 hours in spring and autumn, and 11-16 hours in winter.

6, bubble out a lot of bubbles, is it already broken?

A: The appearance of bubbles or white foam is because the saponins contained in the beans are active ingredients that will dissolve out when it meets water. If you do not smell any odors, you can still use soymilk. Summer bean is best placed in the refrigerator.

7, beans bubble out of buds can also fight milk it?

Answer: You can make soy milk. The budding process of beans did not produce toxins. Instead, more beneficial substances will be born.

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