How to cook less oil

Jie Zhang, director of the Department of Nutrition of the People's Liberation Army 309 Hospital, said in an interview with a reporter from the "Life Times" that the most important thing for cooking less oil is to pay attention to collocation. Instead of asking for less oil for a single dish, the amount of oil for this dish is appropriate. For example, if this meal has a fried meat dish, it should be served with an oil-free dish such as steamed, mixed, boiled, boiled, etc.

In general, vegetables use less oil. The honorary director of Tianjin Nutrition Society, Fu Jinru told reporters that vegetables can be mixed. She recommended a hemp sauce that she loves to use: After dilute the dipping sauce, add vinegar, salt, sugar, not only no oil, but also rich in nutrition. Some root vegetables, such as potatoes and sweet potatoes, can be steamed and boiled. Of course, there are exceptions in vegetables, such as eggplant, which sucks oil. Zhang Ke told reporters that eggplant can be steamed, but some people just like to eat roasted eggplant and fried eggplant. This means that if you want to put less oil, you must have skills. According to Zhang Yan, in fact, eggplant can be cut into strips or thick slices, wrapped in thin paste and cooked with a baking pan. This will be followed by cooking, it will save a lot of oil, taste, taste is also very good.

We all know that when cooking meat, it uses a lot of oil. Zhang Hao also recommended a method of frying less oil. You can first put the pork or meat on the seasoning and water starch marinated. Note that the seasoning is twice as much as usual and the pickling time is twice as long. Then put it in boiling water and use a pair of chopsticks to quickly remove and remove. Must be more water and less meat. Depending on the circumstances, you can still 1-2 times. Then you can start frying meat. For example, with fried celery pork, you can fry celery with very little oil and add a good pork. Fu Jinru said that if it is not the meat that needs a particularly tender taste, you can pour a small amount of oil when you fry it, put it in the meat and stir it over a low heat to “force” the fat in the meat. This fried meat is not only less oily, but also more fragrant. Finally, don't forget that meat can also be eaten in combination. More tender chicken, duck, rabbit, etc., can be cooked, shredded by hand, put on the mix and eat, taste good and fuel-efficient.

Finally, some small details when cooking can also help save fuel. Fu Jinru said that her own cooking never directly poured oil into the pot, so it was not easy to grasp the amount. She usually poured the oil into the spatula first, so she had better control. Also, the oil swaying in the pan and letting it spread evenly is also a good way to save fuel.

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