Microsoft Kinect sensor plays "cross-border" for medical care

The US technology website PCWorld published an analysis article on Tuesday that Microsoft Kinect's advanced voice and somatosensory recognition technology has stimulated innovation in multiple industries, resulting in the Kinect effect, which is no longer limited to the game industry. Kinect has achieved undisputed success. In fact, Kinect sold more than 8 million units in 60 days after its launch, making it the fastest-selling consumer electronics product in history and bearing the Guinness World Record.

The advanced voice and somatosensory recognition technology used by Kinect sensors is immediately popular with players, but the power of the device is that it is not only a controllerless "gamepad", it also stimulates innovation in many industries. The most notable is the medical industry .

Medical application

In June last year, Microsoft released a software development kit (SDK) for non-commercial Kinect-related projects (commercial version next year). But since the release of the original SDK, it has been used in many areas, from security applications to Robot control. However, Kinect technology is most commonly used in the medical field.

"To be honest, Microsoft knows less about this area than the Kinect medical technology we are using." Bill Crounse, senior director of global health at Microsoft, said when talking about Kinect medical applications, "When I When visiting any place - hospital, university or public health organization - people there are already using Kinect, or plan to use it."

Multiple industries

Since Microsoft released the Kinect SDK, Kinect has been used in multiple industries. Microsoft previously published an article on its website saying that Kinect was used in an elderly life center called Tiger Place, which was built by the American home care service Americare and the University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing. We provide an environment of independent living. However, the Tiger Field is also used by researchers to study the effects of aging and some of the elderly's technical effects. Kinect technology is used here.

The Tiger Farm uses a sensor network, including Kinect, to monitor the elderly living there, which are placed in apartments, corridors and other rooms. “With Kinect, we can get detailed pace data – walking speed, step size, walking time, we will gradually discover subtle changes early, and then judge whether there is a decline in functionality and become dangerous.” Missouri Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Marjorie Skubic said, “We try to make everything more passive. Most things are beyond people's awareness. This is the area we want to study.”

The Kinect sensor was specially adapted for use in the Tiger Farm by Erik Stone, a Ph.D. student in electrical engineering and computational engineering at the University of Missouri. Stone is also interested in computer vision, which will eventually bring him Leading to the field of elderly care. "There are many problems in the field of elderly care related to computer vision. Our team mainly uses installed sensors in a passive environment to detect the induction of the disease, the decline of function and the overall level of activity," Stone said.

When Kinect is not available, Stone uses a specially calibrated pair of cameras installed in two different areas of the room to collect depth image data. But with Kinect, Stone can use the affordable 3D camera technology to collect large amounts of data faster than ever before. “Now, you can get a global 3D image for $150. It contains a lot of content and is more efficient than before,” says Stone. “From our results, we will continue to use (Kinect) ."

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