U.S. FDA approves launch of Takeda's antihypertensive drug EDARBYCLOR

According to BioSpectrum's news from Singapore: Takeda Pharmaceutical and its North American subsidiary announced that the US FDA has approved EDIRABYCLOR (azilsartan sartans and chlorthalidone) for reducing blood pressure in adults to treat hypertension. EDARBYCLOR is the only fixed-dose therapy in the United States that combines an angiotensin II receptor blocker with the diuretic chlorthalidone. The recommended initial dose for this therapy is 40/12.5 mg and the maximum dose is 40/25 mg.

Both therapies have a role in lowering blood pressure. Azilsartan sartan (trade name EDARBI in the United States) works to lower blood pressure by blocking angiotensin II activity. Once the drug blocks angiotensin II receptors , the human blood vessels will become loose, blood pressure will naturally drop; chlorthalidone to reduce urine output and thereby reduce the amount of water in the body to achieve antihypertensive effect, previous clinical trials have shown that chlorthalidone is effective in reducing blood pressure in hypertensive patients Long-term use can also reduce hypertension-related syndrome.

Domenic Sica, MD, Physician, Department of Internal Medicine and Nephrology, Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, said: "High blood pressure is an extremely complex disease. One in three Americans suffers. Controlling the disease has also become an imminent task. The disease can cause a series of complications such as stroke and heart disease. The passage of the EDARBYCLOR therapy provides an additional effective option for lowering blood pressure in a suitable patient.”

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