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Hebei Anguo Pharmaceutical City, December 26, the newsletter, domestic Zaoren, the recent market, large cargo later, the price callback, the market 98 goods price 96 yuan, 95 goods price 87 yuan.

Chuan Ake market is stable, and the market is selling at a price of 17 yuan.

Cockleshell small batch sources smooth, the market price of 21-22 yuan Jiangxi goods.

Consolidated sporadic move, stable market, the market price of Jiangxi goods 17-18 yuan.

The green skin is not moving fast, the price is stable, and the market is priced at around $5.

Attachment: The price of cicada shells in various drug markets in recent days has been kept at a firm price. Jiangxi's cargo cost 22-23 yuan. Yulin Pharmaceutical City 2011-10-14

Jiangxi goods 22-23 yuan, Hunan goods 23-24 yuan. Anguo Pharmaceutical City 2011-09-14

The market turned from rising to falling, and ECB 22-23 yuan. Luzhou Drug Market 2011-08-16

The market is temporarily stable, Jiangxi 20-22 yuan. Zhangzhou Pharmaceutical City 2011-07-25

Shell, prices continue to rise, 21-22 yuan ECB goods. Anguo Pharmaceutical City 2011-07-10


Soybean,also called soya bean, is one of the important food crops in China, has five thousand years of cultivation history. It`s commonly used to do all kinds of bean products, to extract soybean oil, brewing soy sauce and extraction of proteins. Bean dregs or soybean powders are also frequently used in livestock feed. Among 100 grams of soy are protein 36.3 grams, 18.4 grams fat, 25.3 g sugar, 412 kilocalorie quantity of heat, calcium, phosphorus 571 mg, 367 mg iron 11 mg, 0.79 mg 0.4 mg carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 0.25 mg, 2.1 mg niacin. Soy contains many kinds of the human body necessities such as amino acid, unsaturated fatty acids, phospholipids, microelement, vitamin and high quality protein, is very helpful food for the liver, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, heart disease and other cardiovascular.

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