The new agricultural machinery use caution

First, after buying a new machine, before the engine is used, it is necessary to carefully read the instruction manual of the machine. Special attention should be paid to the use of the fuel of the specified grade. Precipitate and filter should be fully used before use. The oiler should be kept clean. Lubricants should be kept clean and the amount added must be sufficient. They should be replaced on a regular basis and the grades used should be consistent with the regulations. Air filter should always pay attention to maintenance. Pay attention to the addition of cooling water, especially not to make the engine work in a water shortage. Always pay attention to check and tighten the relevant bolts and nuts, especially the connecting rod bolts, the bolts on the drive shaft and the lock nuts on the flywheel, and the fastening nuts on the wheels. If the user buys a new camera and really does it in accordance with the basic requirements, then the life of the camera can be greatly extended.

Second, after buying a new machine, do not carry the load immediately. Follow the requirements of the manual to run it. After the running-in is completed, the machine oil filter is cleaned and residual impurities in the engine oil are removed. If necessary, the engine oil must be replaced and the oil pan cleaned.

Third, the new machine to operate, we must strictly in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer's instructions to do, not overloaded, not speeding, not over-feeding, not long-term overload work.

Fourth, can not be free to modify the new machine and any increase engine speed. In order to make the machine run faster, some users may arbitrarily adjust the fuel supply and pressure of the high-pressure oil pump, and some of them tie the governor spring wire. This is even more wrong.

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