Calla lily flowers to be ventilated

Calla lily is not very hardy, and winter pots should be kept warm. The suitable temperature is 15-25°C in winter and 13-17°C in winter, and the minimum temperature must not be lower than 5°C. The family can wear a double plastic cover, sun on the balcony during the day and move indoors at night. If the temperature is not reached, use a light or electric blanket to warm it up.

Calla Lily grows and requires fresh air and is very sensitive to smoke and toxic gases. Therefore, potted flowers should be placed away from the kitchen or coal stove to avoid smoke and dust pollution. Calla lily needs plenty of light during its growth period. Therefore, it should be sunburned in winter as much as possible.

Second, pay attention to the smooth air. If the ventilation conditions are poor, and the temperature is higher than the natural temperature, it will cause damage to pests such as thrips, powdered aphids, roundworms, leaf curlers, and noctuids. Once it was found that the speed of omethoate 1500-2000 times to kill. Under proper fertilizer and water management conditions, there is a reward for flowers before and after New Year's Day, and the Spring Festival blossoms and flourishes.

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