Fertilizer manure management

The fermented material stack has been mixed into the normal fermentation stage after mixing with the golden baby starter and the added excipients. In the summer, it needs more ventilation and ventilation. When the temperature is high, it can be sprinkled properly; in the winter, it needs to reach the starting temperature of about 15°C. . General materials will rise to above 50-60°C within 48 hours, and the stacking process can begin. The temperature of the materials will rise further rapidly after the stack is turned over. If the stack temperature exceeds 65°C, it should be turned over again. It should be noted that the core layer material and peripheral material positions are interchanged to achieve uniform fermentation. When the material is not breathable, it can be punched in the stock. After 3-4 turnovers, the raw material has no original odor of faeces, there will be a faint smell of ammonia and aroma after biological fermentation. The heap is full of white bacteria, indicating that the fermentation has been completed successfully.

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