Soybean storage method

Storage characteristics of soybean

(1) Soybeans have strong hygroscopicity and are easy to grow. Soybean seeds have a thin seed coat, a large germination hole, and a stronger moisture absorption capacity than wheat and corn. After soaking in dampness, soybeans expand in volume and are extremely prone to mildew. At the beginning, the beans were soft, the seed coat was dark and white, and there was a slight odor. Then the beans swelled and deformed, the umbilical reddened, and the crushed grains appeared colony, and the quality deteriorated rapidly.

(2) Soybeans are easy to go oil, change the soybeans stored in high temperature seasons, often appear two pieces of cotyledons red color by the umbilicus, after the cotyledon red deepened and expanded, severe oil immersion, while the high temperature and humidity also make the soybean sprout Reduced power. After the soybean oil changed, the oil yield was reduced, the color of the soybean oil was deepened, and the bean curd had a rancid odor and the red color of the soybean milk was made.

2. Soybean storage method

(1) Strictly control the moisture content of stored soybeans. Long-term storage of water should not exceed 12%. After the soybeans are harvested, they must be fully dried in the pods and then threshed. Soybeans with high moisture content after storage can be treated with sunlight, but they must be cooled before they can be put into storage.

(2) Timely ventilation, heat dissipation and wetness The uneven moisture content in the newly-deposited soybean grains, coupled with the after-ripening effect of soybeans, the accumulation of hot and humid easily in the heap, causing fever and mildew, so timely ventilation, heat dissipation and wet.

(3) After low-temperature sealed storage, ventilation and cooling should be strengthened after entering the winter. Before the spring is warm, it can be sealed and sealed by plastic film or plastic film. It is generally safe in summer.

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