The Damage and Control of Fusarium Mushroom Disease

Fusarium mildew, also known as wet bulb disease, white rot, it not only harm the mushrooms, but also harm mushrooms, mushroom, mushroom, white fungus, Ganoderma lucidum. If no effective control measures are taken, planting year after year and recurring year after year will result in a 40% reduction in light production.

First, the harm symptoms The bacteria only dip fruiting bodies without infringing mycelium. Mycelial growth and development can stimulate the spore germination of Fusarium. The incidence of the first oyster mushroom, its source of infection is usually covered with soil and mushroom racks; after the occurrence of several oyster mushrooms is caused by water, tools and human operations to spread again. If it is infested during the formation of mushroom buds, it shows that the normal mushroom buds have not yet appeared, and the mushrooms will grow in large quantities to form a kind of irregular shape of the Mabul-like tissue. The mushrooms are generally three to four days old than the normal mushrooms. If the young buds are infested during the growth period, although the mushroom can continue to grow, the mushroom cap develops abnormally or stops development. The mushroom stem enlarges and deforms and twists like. The mushroom interior is hollow during the later period, and the cap and stipe junction The villous hyphal hyphae of the stipe base minister then turns into dark brown, with brownish water droplets on the surface that rot and odor.

Second, the law of occurrence The bacteria are widely distributed in the topsoil depth of 2 to 9 cm, the appropriate growth temperature is about 25 °C, 10 °C below the growth is extremely slow, basically can not grow above 35 °C. The tests showed that in the soil and compost, the pathogenic spores died at 56°C for 4 hours (1 hour at 65°C). The bacteria are mainly transmitted through the soil, water spray, people, tools, insects and other channels. In addition, poor ventilation, high temperature, and high humidity are important causes of this disease.

Third, control methods (a) before planting mushroom house, mushroom frame with 5% bleach solution or 5% formaldehyde solution spray disinfection. (2) Disinfection by soil cover. Cover soil to take deep soil below 30 cm. Do not take surface soil. Also do not take soil in fields where mushroom waste has been left. After the soil is ready, it must be exposed to sunlight in the sun. Disinfection of pharmaceuticals, specific methods: use 1.5 grams of perchloric acid per square meter and mix the soil after mixing, the disease can be increased in areas with severe disease; the second application after the second mushroom harvest, with mold A net 700 times solution was sprayed on the mushroom bed. (3) Stop water spraying immediately after the mushroom is found, and increase the ventilation of the mushroom house. When the number of mushrooms is small, they must be promptly removed and burned, and do not throw them in case of infection. When a large number of mushrooms appear in the mushroom bed, do not remove them immediately. The good mushrooms must be harvested and then the mold must be sprayed with 500 times liquid. Spray once every 3 to 7 days and spray 3 to 4 times.

Fourth, other matters needing attention (A) The tools used mushrooms must be disinfected with 2% formaldehyde solution, hands should also be cleaned in a timely manner, do not use the mushrooms collected by hand picking mushroom bed. (2) Do not arbitrarily advance the date of earth covering in areas with severe disease. (3) Mushroom farmers should not visit each other in severe areas so as to avoid spreading pathogenic spores to others.

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